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HALLELUJAH BEER DRINKING PILGRIMS! Have you ever “discovered” something that it seems everybody else already knew? Well, on my JOURNEY, I have met the BEER BREW GIRLS, women brewing beer, and I BELIEVED them to be novel, something NEW and DIFFERENT! Yet I have LEARNED that women have been making beer since Pharohs ruled ancient Egypt!

 Yes! And…if an inquisitive PILGRIM were to Google “history of women brewing beer” she would find that wherever beer has been brewed and consumed, women have been integral in those activities—until the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION! Enough websites already provide this kind of historical information as well as how the contemporary woman is back to brewing and is genuinely involved in consuming beer, so if you are curious, check them out. Here are a few I found from a cursory glance.

“Brewess, The Blog for Women Who Brew Beer,” has a great article and references to scholarly work on this subject and lots, lots more.

An article in Zester Daily is about women beer brewers who compete with each other’s masterbrews nationally and internationally.

An easy to read but very informative piece on women’s re-emergence as beer drinkers, makers, and managers is “Women and Beer: Fact versus Fiction.”

Hallelujah loves that “Fact versus Fiction” reports that the outworn advertising images of “babes and booze” targeted at men are being replaced with a different kind of woman—one who orders her own beer and knows about the subtleties of how it is crafted! Who is this woman?

What would a woman look like who is FREE to be whatever she is? FREE from stereotypes? She could be short, skinny, tall, or overweight. She might have a girlfriend. She might not dress to dazzle but TO BE HERSELF. She is any race or age. And she might not have “good” hair—whatever that is. She would have universal appeal to everyone because she is AUTHENTIC! What a welcome breath of FRESH FEMININE AIR!

(Notice the "Beer Brew Girl" t-shirt on the Brewmaster on the left, and a smaller image is worn on a necklace by the co-conspirator Beer Brew Girl on the right.)

Last April, when I went to the Beer Brew Girls’ first beer tasting in Decatur, Georgia, I was blown away by their devotion to fine tasting beer, their combined sense of seriousness and good fun. Most of all, I fell deeply in love with the names of their beers! Immediately, I knew I wanted to work with the Beer Brew Girls and their creative team!

Fast forward about 7 months, and HALLELUJAH TRUTH is beginning to give BIRTH to images of the WOMAN EACH OF US IS or not! And I am not alone in my endeavors. The Beer Brew Girls clamor together frequently to drink, to chat, and to brainstorm memorable fun, yet descriptive names for the delicious quality beers that this women-owned and -operated Georgia microbrewery is making.

On November 20, this coming Saturday, the Beer Brew Girls are hosting their second beer tasting in Decatur. They will have 13 home crafted beers to taste. Some of the working names are “Body Snatcher”(an award winning beer), “Bongo Porter,” and “Skirt.” Yes, I love these image inspiring labels! And others that have arisen from good cheer around a table sharing libations.

What does the future hold for the Beer Brew Girls? Is it possible that they could open a public microbrewery in Decatur? Can the “GIRLS” join the “BOYS”? Within blocks of where Chiboogamoo and I live, we have many stellar pubs with beer on draught. All are BOY-operated, at least I think they are. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Take for instance “Thinking Man’s Tavern.” My Chiboogamoo and I like that we can walk to this pub in 5 minutes, and especially that it has a “Starving Artist” beer, which is cheap and quenches the thirst. However, I must take issue with the name of this neighborhood place! Why would anyone open a business across the street from a historical women’s college (Agnes Scott), and call it “Thinking Man”? Chiboogamoo tries to comfort me—“Pretend it is called ‘Thinking Hominid Tavern,’” he tells me. Thank you Sweetie!

Other pubs that we might pass on a 15-minute stroll to downtown Decatur depending on our route, are The Marlay House, Taco Mac, and Mac McGees. Pubs of special note are the following:

Twain’s Billiards and Tap established in 1996 is named after the well-beloved American author Samuel Clemens (a BOY). This pub has its own microbrewery and brewmaster, a BOY, Jordan Fleetwood, who has cleverly named his beers using snippets from Twain’s writing. For example, a popular golden ale is called “Heaven for Climate,” referring to the kind of environment Twain said he preferred,  “heaven for climate but hell for society”!

The Brick Store Pub, an incredibly loved and crowded Decatur pub with a devoted following was established by three BOYS (Dave Blanchard, Mike Gallagher and Tom Moore) in 1997. They offer 17 draught beers and 75 different kinds of bottled beer. And these BOYS have created a haven for good conversation—no TVs and no loud music!

(At the Brick Store Pub this past September, my Chiboogamoo--fueled by ale--engages another Pilgrim in talk of all things humorous and geological!)

Since devotees often have trouble getting a seat at the Brick Store Pub, in 2009, its owners opened another pub around the corner in an old gas station--Leon’s Full Service. And Leon’s serves one or two beers brewed here in Decatur, beers with distinctive names like “Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy.”

Finally, a new pub just opened on November 11, and it is within spitting distance from The Brick Store Pub. Called “The Square Pub,” it is co-owned by two BOYS, Jason Wiles and Bob Rhein. These guys have created a comfortable environment and are serving 19 American craft brews. My Chiboogamoo and I tasted a  fragrant and tasty pumpkin ale and espresso amber beer brewed right here in Decatur. We are going back and taking friends this Friday.

BEER DRINKING PILGRIMS? Is there room for the BEER BREW GIRLS in this heavily dominated business run by BOYS? Is there a place for HALLELUJAH’S art work? Does GENDER make a difference where beer is concerned? I honestly don’t know, but I’m intrigued by the question!

That’s it for coffee or beer with Hallelujah! Take care of your precious self! And let me know what you think about GIRLS BREWING BEER and my preliminary drawings that will be undergoing transformation as the graphic designer adds color and background! 

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