Friday, September 16, 2011


Greetings Fellow Pilgrims! What is your PURPOSE in LIFE? Can you reach into your SOUL and "capture" some of your SOUL in a 20-minute brainstorm writing session? How HONEST can you be with YOURSELF? Have you been practicing the WALK of AUTHENTICITY? What do you have to express about WHO you ARE and WHY you ARE HERE on this MAGNIFICENT JOURNEY?

Hallelujah Truth is examining her PURPOSE for BLOGGING. What is my MISSION here in the internet world? I absolutely adore SOUL BLOGGING and want to connect with my SPIRITUAL COMPANIONS. At the same time, I have reached a turning point in my PILGRIMAGE...I am seeking additional clarity for my CONNECTING WITH YOU....WHAT DO I WANT?



In my 20 minutes of brainstorm writing, I came up with the following list of YAH's! I WANT:

to create, to be, to have my own voice and express it, to lead the way for others, to heal, to grow, to have fun, to connect with others, to find an avenue for the passion that I have, to channel electricity....YAH

to love compassionately, to develop, to harness the powerfulness of my energy as if it were a refreshing rainstorm, to swim in the great mystery, to move into the unknown, to visualize the spirit, to see my spirit and to help others see their spirits....YAH

to make spirit manifest through drawing, painting, writing, movement, voice, to be liquid joy, to experience awe, to be free of pain, to love deeply and profoundly, to change, to reconfigure at the molecular level of being, always to journey deeper and wider....YAH

to keep dancing into the why, to connect across generations learning from the young and old, to treasure both knowledge and wisdom, to be respect everyone's spirit and journey, to be the pilgrim in awe of the spirit....YAH

I danced my WANTS, MY PURPOSES IN LIFE to find the ones that make me TREMBLE! I will be sharing my findings in future blogs as I CRAFT my MISSION OF BEING and BLOGGING. That's COFFEE WITH HALLELUJAH! Soul Blog with me after you have brainstormed about your purpose in life...I recommend dancing these purposes out....bring MEANING into your ENTIRE BODY and BEING!



  1. I thought about purpose a lot as I drove in silence on my trip across America this summer. For me it may be the "unmanageable simplicity of being present to my life in love...and to bring that spark of consciousness to form and fullness for myself and others." I'm using the words of Cynthia Bourgeault, PHD an Episcopal priest and teacher who sees beyond conventional Christian rules and regulations to a deeper definition of God as infinite consciousness and love.

  2. Dear HALLELUJAH TRUTH! Creative, love, passion, spirit are always your theme. You have spread all of them to us. And I am curious about who would be the one made you tremble.

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