Saturday, September 29, 2012


HALLELUJAH WEARING THE CROWN OF AN ANCIENT FEMININE DEITY.  Finding my voice by listening to the inside and projecting it to the outside via drawing! (Art by Halleujah Truth)

Greeting Pilgrims! Do you SPEAK YOUR TRUTH? Have you "found your voice"?Are you present to what is INSIDE you and what longs to be expressed on the OUTSIDE articulately and creatively?  I have longed to SPEAK MY TRUTH clearly and inventively my entire life but have only recently (last 3 years) found a satisfying way to do it here on my blog, "Coffee With Hallelujah." Let me be clear--For me, SPEAKING MY TRUTH artistically equals "finding my voice."

Surprisingly, "finding my voice" began with the "simple" act of LISTENING. I listen to myself each day, again and again. I lean into my SOUL (the inside) and listen to what is being asked of me to BE in the world (the outside). 

Time and time again, when I listen to my SOUL, I hear a causal chain of old teachings, responding behaviors, and resulting thoughts that are no longer serving me in my present life. I have become familiar enough with this collection of old lessons to know that they are the muck-and-yuck obscuring the shineyness of ME. As I gently lean in deeper past their murmurings, I hear myself BEING CALLED to do my life's work of BEING ME.

I draw every day to better listen to myself. Just as many people write their morning pages inspired by Julia Cameron and her 12-week journey in her book, The Artist's Way, so I make my morning drawings, emptying my SOUL from the night's  sleep on the paper before me. SPEAKING MY TRUTH by listening and drawing. As if it is magic, I connect my INSIDES with my OUTSIDES.

My daily drawing also connects me to others. As I draw and SPEAK MY TRUTH, those who I am meant to know are summoned. They may come to me and ask me to draw something for them. Or they might show me images they have made. Some ask me to talk to them about my JOURNEY AS AN ARTIST, so they can follow me. Just last week, Maria Helena Dolan, a member of the Atlanta Artist Conference Network, invited me to her home and filled my arms with books on feminine deities.

INSPIRATION FROM FRIENDS AND TEXTS! I have been letting these images in the books that Maria Helena loaned me guide me in my morning drawings. It has been fun listening to what intrigues me and pulls me in. This particular image has been the source of my image making for the past few days.
HALLELUJAH WITH HER INSIDES OUT. Here I am! Ta Da! This image speaks ME. Can you see MY VOICE? What do I say to you?

That's Coffee with Hallelujah! Please know Pilgrims that my creative act of drawing every day has given me my voice, providing a palpable concrete way to express ME for myself and a celebratory way to broadcast MY TRUTH to you and the world. Through this SOUL ACT, I have shifted my way of BEING in the world. I am changed. And, perhaps, you are TOO! Soul blog with me and tell me about your WAY OF BEING in the world. 


  1. Love the idea of depicting your soul. At the Academy of St. Aloysius grammar school the sisters taught us that the soul is everywhere in the body, but also cannot be specifically located or seen. They closed off any idea of visually embodying spirit. Thanks for opening that door.

  2. Dearest SEE SEE, I am struck by how you always respond to me in such meaningful deep ways. You are an inspiration to me with your SOULFUL TRUTHINESS!