Sunday, June 30, 2013

VISITING THE BLUE MOSQUE: A moment of transcendent light!

COURTYARD OF THE BLUE MOSQUE. This is the courtyard of the Blue Mosque and it is as large as the mosque's interior. We tourists have just been escorted out of the mosque as Muslims were called to prayer. Only those who have come to prayer are admitted through the main door. (photo by Tony Martin)

Hallelujah for the Blue Mosque! Hallelujah for seizing the day and traveling to Turkey to one of the most magnificent cities in the world—Istanbul!
DAZZLING INTERIOR OF THE BLUE MOSQUE.  The prayerful men are separated from us tourists but we may respectful look on and around the interior of the Blue Mosque without disturbing them. If you notice, I am wearing a head scarf. All women are asked to cover their heads when entering the mosque. I brought my own scarf. For those who didn't the Blue Mosque provides them.(photo by Tony Martin)
To step into the dazzling light streaming through windows in the Blue Mosque in the ancient part of Istanbul was the fulfillment of a dream of mine that begin in my ESL classroom almost twenty years ago.  Turkish students inevitably write papers or give presentations about this architectural holy wonder that was built by architect Mehmet Aga to compete with the awesome Aya Sofya located close by.

Better yet, although the Blue Mosque is open and free to visiting tourists, it is still an active place where Muslims pray five times a day. One of the most thrilling aural experiences is hearing the call to prayer, which is played on microphones and projected out over the entire city. At this time of prayer, tourists are escorted out hurriedly, and the courtesy scarves and wrap around skirts lent to women to politely cover themselves are collected.
WOMEN'S PLACE OF PRAYER. In Islam, women and men prayer separately. Here in this photo, women are emerging from a private shelter in the back of the Blue Mosque. Men pray in the open space (See above where I am wearing a head scarf. You can see the praying men.) (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
The crowd’s hustle and bustle combined with its genuine respect for this sacred space is overwhelming! I am reminded of how much the spirit of creativity and the sophisticated execution of human imagination can elevate us to something transcendent.
TRANSCENDENT LIGHT. (photo by Tony Martin)
This exquisite mosque was constructed a thousand years after the Aya Sofya between 1606 and 1616 and has 260 windows and thousands of blue tiles that give the Blue Mosque its name.

Being there was like experiencing an explosion of transcendent light!

Hallelujah for the Blue Mosque! Have you dear pilgrims visited this LIGHT HOUSE TO THE SPIRIT? Or a similar place (if one exists)? SOUL BLOG with me at Coffee with Hallelujah and tell me about it!

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Thanks to my Chiboogamoo, who is my steadfast companion and world traveler. I love you! What a wonderful life we have visiting these amazing places in the world! Here we are in Turkey in front of the Blue Mosque facing the Hippodrome! (photo by fellow tourist)


  1. Gorgeous pictures, Ruth. Wish I was there.

  2. Thanks SeeSee! When you lived in Turkey, did you visit the Blue Mosque?

  3. Oh love seeing you in your journey and adventure Ruth. Yes, I visit my own LIGHT HOUSE TO THE SPIRIT' daily right here in Atlanta G A . But must say I'd love to visit the exotic variety of temples to the spirit you have seen with Tony. On my bucket list. Peace.

  4. Dear Callahan, YOU are a LIGHTHOUSE of the spirit!

  5. Lovely pictures...Ruth. Really Wish I was there. Nice post and very informative.

    Kopi Luwak

  6. Thanks for the compliment on the photos Kopi Luwak. I hope that you get a chance to visit one day!