Saturday, July 5, 2014

WHAT WORD ARE YOU FEELING RIGHT NOW?: Invite yourself to dance that word!

WARMING UP IN INCREMENTAL STEPS. How is creative movement with the Dancing Flowers done? One idea at a time. One movement. Over the moments, the movements gain momentum. (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for the Dancing Flowers for Peace and the way they embrace women 40 and older into their bouquet for their Saturday morning improvisational dance (see here)! Hallelujah for DANCING WHAT WE ARE FEELING and honoring our bodies, leaning in and listening to what we want to dance!

Imagine closing your eyes. Your are standing among a circle of mature women in a dance studio at the Emory Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts. Lori Teague instructs us to listen and move in conversation with our bodies. As we progress in our individual dances, we are encouraged to interact with other dancers if we want too. As we listen, dance, and connect, we move through incremental steps of creative movement.

After our warm up, we are asked by Lori Teague, "What word describes how you are feeling today? Can you bring this word into your dance today?" Responses included connected, enlivened, relaxed. My word was INVITED.

Yes I felt INVITED into my body, to inhabit each cell from finger to toe tips and from scalp to heel pads. Each physical part of me was dancing with my hopes, my imagination, my soul! And all of my BEING felt INVITED to connect with the other dancers.
INVITED. I felt invited to move amongst the other women, being myself and addressing the needs of my body and soul all the while connecting, engaging in a larger bigger dance than myself. (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
During the two hours, my most favorite movement together was flocking! We began as a group walking together, meandering, splintering into small groups, reconnecting, moving together, flowing, separating, reuniting. Our flocking was done with such ease and confidence, my BODY SPIRIT (an InterPlay term) soared. 

Richness of BEING abounded! Thank you Dancing Flowers for Peace for all that you do to support women 40 and older! Much more happened during this magical time, but some things should remain a mystery so you can discover the magic for yourself. Think about joining us one of these Saturdays!

That's Coffee With Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me and tell me what word you are feeling and would like to DANCE out! Did you dance it? Hallelujah to joyful and easeful movement! Hallelujah for embodying who we are!
THE DANCING FLOWERS FOR PEACE PLUS GUESTS. I "invited" myself into the group photo! Oh it is so wonderful to feel invited. (photo by Lila)

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