Saturday, August 23, 2014

WCAGA DRAW 4 DAYS (Day #6): Preparations for the reception and deepening community connections

HALLELUJAH FOR WCAGA! This week of "Draw 4 Days" has introduced Hallelujah Truth (The figure in this image is Hallelujah) to a wider public. In addition, my portrayal of her increased in size. Hallelujah has primarily been drawn on 8" X 11" paper. In addition, she made it to canvas for the first time (thank you Callahan). You might say, Hallelujah had her debutante party last night. Thank you WCAGA for getting to a place in my work to make it more public. (art by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for celebrations! Celebrating art, celebrating women, celebrating community! Hallelujah for WCAGA's "Draw 4 Days" and the scope of its ambitions: bringing women artists together in a public space to marathon draw with invitations to the community to join us!
CANVAS DETAIL!  (art by Hallelujah Truth)

How glorious the week has been speeding by with the rapidity of pencil and paintbrush strokes and wide open conversations and sharing! On Friday morning, a few of us finished our pieces, many hung their work for display, and all of us gathered for the reception. And what a festive reception it was! All of Tula Art Gallery was abuzz! It turned out that MOCA was having an opening reception too!

FINISHING TOUCHES!  (photo by Hallelujah Truth)

IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO HANG A SHOW!  (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
HANGING HALLELUJAHS! WCAGA members were so helpful in everything we did this week, including hanging work for the reception. Thanks Linda and Barb (pictured here) and Maggie for helping me with displaying my work! (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
FRIDAY AFTERNOON FREE FROM THE STUDIO! Friday afternoon was the first day in the week that WCAGA members engaged in "Draw 4 Days" had free to be out in our beautiful city of Atlanta!  (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
LET THE RECEPTION BEGIN!  (photo by Tony Martin)
Celebrating our creativity is important. For every one of us actively engaged in the expression of our SOULS through art, there are just as many waiting and wanting to express what is unique and special to them. When we acknowledge our creative work in community by having a reception, we enliven the entire population. What is possible for each and every one of you to create? What idea or experience have you had that you wish to elevate by making marks? What if?

YES TO CELEBRATING! The public turned out to celebrate our drawing marathon.  (photo by Tony Martin)
Tula Art Galleries hummed on the Friday night of our "Draw 4 Days" opening at Further Polycontemporary. MOCA had an opening and other gallery doors were flung wide open, wine was poured freely, and people flowed from door to door. Art matters. 

Big intake of breath! Hallelujah went larger this week. For years, I have been drawing on paper of modest size. Often I have left images unfinished--more than a hundred. Hallelujah is drawn almost every day but she has not appeared in public except on this Coffee With Hallelujah blog and Facebook. 
DEBUTANTE!  (art by Hallelujah Truth)

However, like a giddy debutante, Hallelujah was introduced to society this week. One WCAGA artist even invited Hallelujah to go bigger--wall size! Hallelujah was and is delighted with the thought of being enlarged, going out doors on walls and under bridges! Let's see what happens in the future. 

As we each one of us moves forward in our creativity, let's remember to be open new possibilities, to be gentle to ourselves and to others. We live in such a wonderful world that kindness invites BEINGS to be present to important SOUL matters. Expressing BEINGNESS makes us all more connected. That's why I love art. Let's embrace the question, "What if?"!

That's Coffee With Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me! Tell me what you think of WCAGA's drawing marathon! Will you participate next time!?

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: I have learned this week that it takes a village to support artists. We are all connected, and this connection when acknowledged, can be deeply expansive and richly rewarding. Thanks go to my Chiboogamoo (aka Tony Martin), who ongoingly supports my art making, discusses my ideas, photographs me in action, accompanies me to my events, and takes me out into the world of paleontology. I am so loved by this man, and he helps make all things possible.

Immense gratitude to WCAGA and Barbara A. Rehg, who walks gently in this world but manages to engage everyone in her love of drawing. What a kind mastermind you are Barbara. You took your ideas for these drawing marathons over the years and engaged all of us heart, mind, and body in this extended one, "Draw 4 Days." You succeeded in magnifying drawing for the community. Powerful work!
DRAW 4 DAYS MASTERMIND!  Barbara A. Rehg, who developed the "Draw 4 Days" event from beginning to end, selflessly served the bar at the reception along with help from artist Marie Weaver. Thank you! (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
How awesome is this world that we are given the opportunity to friend one another! I am so grateful for the WCAGA members I have gotten to know better this week while we made our marks in such close proximity. Thank you for being connected to your creative cores, making art, and sharing your ideas about the process from minus zero to plus, plus, plus! I love you all. 

THANKS CALLAHAN!  (photo by Barbara A. Rehg)
Special thanks to my buddy, girlfriend, fellow Facebooker, artmaker, and photographer Callahan Pope McDonough! Oh you took me to new heights this week. Thank you for getting me to sign up for this WCAGA drawing marathon, for sharing your knowledge and paints, and just for being honest, fun, powerful, and sweet! Love you much!
DANCING WITH THE FLOOR ART! Be careful when you get two InterPlayers together! You don't know what we might do like stretching out on the floor during an art reception! (photo by Tony Martin)
And Missy Christine! Thank you for coming to this event and bringing your guy Joe! It was so much fun hanging with you guys! Is WCAGA in your future?


  1. Looks like a great show! I only recently came across the WCAGA and wasn't sure how active the GA chapter was until the Draw 4 Days project. I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to make it to the reception.

  2. Emily! I am so glad that you found us! And yes the WCAGA is an active and supportive group. Here's a link to our website: and you can friend us on Facebook too: you will join!