Friday, April 3, 2015

CREATING ALCHEMY THROUGH INTERPLAY: Embodying the soul, experiencing joy and creating a group body in your community can be magical

Hallelujah for ALCHEMY! Hallelujah for the BODYSPIRIT! Hallelujah for INTERPLAY and for creating that magic in the presence of one another! I call this InterPlay Alchemy! And we can have an "ecstatic community" here in the metro-Atlanta area!

What is an "Ecstatic Community: The Group Body" as one of the chapters in the InterPlay book, What the Body Wants, is titled? To understand this, perhaps, you must experience it for yourself at InterPlay Alchemy with me or one of the other offerings of InterPlay Atlanta (see our blog).

However, to give you a little better idea of what I am talking about when I cheer on the idea of creating a "group body" and one that is celebratory or "ecstatic", I will offer you just a few choice tidbits from the chapter mentioned above in What the Body Wants

“A group that plays together often stays together.”

“A thriving group consists of thriving individuals. The more we can claim our individual physical style, energy, and truth, the more fullness and fun the group can have.”

FINDING REST IN COMMUNITY. You are invited to embody what you need. (photo by Ruth Schowalter, aka Hallelujah Truth)

“The group body wants play, creative challenge, rest, and communion. The body does not want to suffer. Dreams, visions, religion, education, and the body politic are born from our desire for grace. We are here not just to put an end to suffering, but to have true grace.”

“Each body in community has potential to change history for better and for worse. Since health is contagious, then bodies that move freely, breathe deeply, and play fully can change the world for the better.”

What wisdom and magic there is in playing together and experiencing our entire selves--in having it all--body, mind, heart and spirit all together! For me, I am learning so much as I facilitate InterPlay Alchemy on Tuesday mornings from 10:00 to noon. I trust that those who long for this kind of "ecstatic community" experience will find me and join these play shops.

That's Coffee with Hallelujah! Soul Blog with me and share your alchemical wanderings and experiences. Do you dance in community? When? Where? With whom? How long? What do you notice?

"As a teacher (of improvisation), I relish opportunities to be a student. In Ruth's class, InterPlay Alchemy, the thrill of discovery and the awakening of the mind and the senses that come with learning, were present for me from the very first moment. Under Ruth's tutelage, the class became a gathering place where we could each attend to our individual needs and desires and engage trustfully and joyfully with each other. From her place of deep knowing and love of InterPlay (as well as years of artful teaching), Ruth excelled at synthesizing all the elements of material and meaning."
 –Lesly Fredman, Director, Performer, Creativity Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader, Teacher

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