Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SNOW DECATUR, GEORGIA: A state of being we are unaccustomed to in the southeastern United States

SNOW ON PONCE DE LEON. Photographed from the center of a major artery in the city Atlanta. Few cars out on Wednesday morning, the second snowpocalypse of 2014. (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
We are unaccustomed to snow and ice in the southeastern United States. Here in the Atlanta metro area, we are experiencing our second "snowpocalypse" this winter and only two weeks apart. This second time, the entire Atlanta area shut down, closed its schools, colleges, and many businesses--ahead of the snow/ice event. On Tuesday, it only rained, and the nation laughed at us for our precautions. But today, Wednesday, it is all ice and snow and it is a good thing that we are huddling in our homes, and for the most part, not moving around in our cars. 

Hallelujah Truth (selfie)
Today, February 12, I bid my love Chiboogamoo good-bye as he hunkered down at his computer to prepare his 15-minute talk for an important paleontological conference that meets infrequently at five year intervals. He leaves Friday to go to Florida. Meanwhile, late morning, I stepped out into the beautiful city of Decatur, a highly praised community for its easy joyful living. Being pedestrian friendly is one of the primary reasons our city is loved. The snow and ice did not stop me on a snow day!

Instead, I became an adventurer in the streets of Decatur blanketed with virgin snow! Here are the photos I collected on my walking spree. No cabin fever for me! Enjoy!
NOT OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Many Decatur businesses were wisely closed.

CITY WORKERS. Towards the end of my morning snow walk, I was surprised to city workers laboring to clear off the front of Decatur's City Hall.


This snow and ice may be something we are unaccustomed to experiencing in Georgia, and I am concerned about those without power and housing. Some how though, it is wonderful when our ordinary lives are altered and we leave what is routine to walk through cities draped in snow. 

That's Coffee with Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me and tell me what you think of my city of Decatur! Where are you and do you have snow right now? And, me, I will continue to appreciate my honey bug, Chiboogamoo! He is a wonderful companion on a snow day!
Let's  hope this changes soon, but as I have been writing this blog, schools have been cancelled for the third day in row. Shut down for another day tomorrow.

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