Sunday, March 28, 2010


My CREATIVITY has been crouching in a crevice
behind the dishwasher in our over-scheduled household.
Clothed in a Siamese cat body nestled in dust and spider webs,
She patiently waits for the darkness of silent nights to emerge.

Pilgrims, I ask you what your relationship is to your CREATIVITY? I trust mine like I do my MOST BELOVED FELINE. She wanders. She hides. Some times, she bares her teeth and claws and yowls. 
But then there is the PURR. There is the CONSTANCY of feeding at the FOOD BOWL. We sleep together and find ways to play--even if it is as unremarkable as knocking the gel pen off the art table or meowing excitedly at the fresh smell of a hot Kroger rotissiere chicken!

So! I am defining the relationship I have with my creativity as being similar to the one I have with my feline companion. My CREATIVITY is constant, but SHE has the independence of a skilled quadruped evolved for climbing trees and finding clandestine spaces to rejuvenate. 
Although I have not been blogging since December, I have been having my COFFEE WITH HALLELUJAH. Every day, I have done my SOUL WORK--creating a new image in pen on paper. My words have been "crouching behind" my image work, waiting for a time like now to emerge.
The image I am showing here reflects my connection with the energy I find contained in imagery from northwest Australia aboriginal art. Observe the two white ghost like figures, the long neck turtle, the snake, Wandjina, and the kangaroo. These figures have been evolving through my daily drawing practice. I have found it meaningful to merge images from my domestic life such as my feline companion and the ever present spiral--my symbol for journey.

I am so happy that I have spiraled back to this blog to do soul blogging with you sojourners! I ask you FELLOW PILGRIMS out there to write and tell me about the relationship you have with your CREATIVITY.