Artist Interviews

Interviews by Hallelujah Truth

Beginning in January 2011, I decided to venture forth and interview artists close to my home in Decatur, Georgia, USA,  to discover the energy or "spirit" behind their art making. Below are the results! (all portrait photos were taken by me, Hallelujah Truth)

 Cecelia Kane (drawer, painter, performance artist)
Karen Phillips (drawer, painter)
Robey Tapp (book sculptor, collagist, painter)

Carol Ruckdeschel (naturalist, painter, drawer)    

Flora Rosefsky (drawer, painter, collagist)    
Ty Butler (photographer)

Kenny Whitfield (Bahamian wood carver)
Tazewell Morton (drawer, painter, ceramicist)    

Jesse Merle Harris (collagist, drawer, painter)

Jes Gordon (sculptor and painter)

Hallelujah Truth, aka Ruth Schowalter, (ESL teacher at Georgia Tech and blogger and visual artist) Interview by ESL blogging student Shell Bean, aka Shibing Tang, on the topic of SOUL MATTERS!

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