Friday, September 18, 2015

MANIFESTING MOTTOS FROM HALLELUJAH: I'm the advocate for the language of your life and mine too!

Ruth My website is progressing! I am beginning to succeed at manifesting from the support of my Monday morning manifesting group, "Coffee with Hallelujah." This image shows a glimpse of my yet unpublished home page. The design is by Karen Kimball, who used my photographs and art images to create the concept of "three business doors" of my life Yay!
Hallelujah for Manifesting Mondays, "Coffee with Hallelujah"! Hallelujah for exuberant mottos of mine like these:

"I am the advocate for the language of your life!"
"If you have time for a cup of coffee, you have time for creativity!"

Hallelujah for the members of my manifesting group who so exuberantly inspire me through their dedication, for each one is committed to LIVING their LIVES with VITALITY. Hallelujah!
MY LOGO FOR LIFE. If you have time for a cup of coffee, you have time to create! I have created a joyful yellow coffee cup with this image and motto, with the additional urging: "Wake up to your uniqities"! You can order one here and wake up focusing on your creativity:  (art and motto copyright Hallelujah Truth, aka Ruth Schowalter)
This past Monday (September 14th) during my Manifesting Monday group, I grew serious as my turn to commit to my goals for the week. In previous weeks, I have been struggling with integrity around beginning and completing my goals for the week. After leaving "Coffee with Hallelujah," Monday morning, I have felt so invigorated and positive, that I took off into my day actively working on everything but my week-long goals I had committed to!

WHOOPS!Time for "re-orientation" (visit this blog for more on this re-orientation concept)! 

Today is Friday, and for two days following my manifesting group, each day I spent three hours on my website, Ruth, which was the "meat" of my weekly goal commitment. Today, I plan three more hours, this time, focusing on descriptions of my InterPlay offerings. 

My website, Ruth has three "business" doors: InterPlay, American English Fluency, and Art. A click on each door brings you the services I can provide. My offerings for American English Fluency are complete! Yay!

In addition to being thankful to my manifesting group members, I am also grateful for Karen Kimball of Feisty Graphics and Design! She has created such a wonderful environment for me! I enjoy spending time there. I hope you will too if you need to have a website designed!

Stay tuned for future updates about my website and the services I provide. Hope to meet with you in person or online! That's Coffee with Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me about what you are manifesting!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Womb of Deeper Life: Diving in easefully and joyfully

DIVING INTO THE WOMB OF DEEPER LIFE. (art by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for the CALL to go deeper into the womb of life as we cycle through life's challenges! Hallelujah for ART that is a delightfully rewarding response to this FALL from being oriented or on known-level-ground! Hallelujah for the HAND of BIG SWEETIE, GOD, the DIVINE, ETERNAL GRACE, that which is INFINITE which catches us or guides us in our disorientation!

Where are you in the cycle of life:


Wherever you are right now, I believe ART can be such a rewarding way to engage in each phase of our ever spiraling life cycles which are rich in phases of orientation, disorientation, and reorientation. We inhabit all three, multiple times in our lives, don't we?

"Art is a response to a call," writes Peter London in "Designing Creative Encounters," a chapter in his book, No More Secondhand Art. He continues to explain what can happen to us when we are "called":

"The nature of the call determines to a large extent the nature of the response. The call is an invitation, a challenge to engage with the world in such a manner that an increase of creative expression in life and art is the ultimate reward. Each call is an invitation to step forward, to cut more deeply into life, to aspire to grander ambitions, to relinquish our hold on the past, and to open our hand to the future."
THE GOOD SHIP, PILGRIM. Aren't we all on a journey during our lives? Are you claiming your journey? Did you know you are a Pilgrim, just like me? (Art by Hallelujah Truth)
Years ago, as I was approaching 50, the prime of my life, I determined that I was not engaged as adventurously as I might be in my life. Then, after meeting Melissa Walker, author of Living on Wilderness Time, and reading her book, I decided to step into my life and away from linear time. I would stop the clock (Just as I did when I went in search of a lifelong companion and found my Chiboogamoo). I would live on "wilderness" time, and I would dive deeper into the womb of life.

Since then and after engaging with Lesly Fredman, an extraordinary creativity coach, and getting certified as a leader in InterPlay, I have been embracing the cycling and recycling of ORIENTATION, DISORIENTATION, and REORIENTATION. 

I might add--with joy and ease! At the ripe mature age of 57, here I go again. Wheee....
FULFILLMENT IN CYCLE. This is life! Finding the life we feel is intended for us to live. Then getting disoriented. Falling. Finding a reorientation. Hallelujah for process, for faith, for going into the womb of deeper life. (Art by Hallelujah Truth. This image was drawn in pen on bristol board. Photographed using an I-Phone and altered in Photoshop.)

Wheee....I am falling. I am disoriented. Two years going on three years from teaching English as a Second Language at the Georgia Tech Institute. Who am I?

I am moments away from being reoriented. Days away from launching my website, weeks away from engaging with you and you and you as the Coach of InterPlay Art & Soul Creativity Coaching to help you live on wilderness time. 

And yes, I will also engage with you internationals as an American English Fluency Coach to support your dreams as you build them while speaking English. Whatever, your journey, I am present to your creativity and will help you orient. My motto is:

 I am the advocate of the language of your life. 

As I support you, I reorient me. What a wonderful life! I am the advocate of the language of your life! Hurray! Hallelujah!

That's Coffee With Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me. Are you being called to increase the creative expression of your life? Are you stepping forward to find a womb of deeper life?

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Thanks to Pastor James Brewer-Calvert, who gave a heart-filled sermon today at the Decatur First Christian Church, here in Decatur, Georgia, two blocks from where I live with my Chiboogamoo. I have been so drawn in by James' friendliness and open-mindedness about faith as I use the facilities at his church for my InterPlay activities. Today's sermon was on "orientation, disorientation, and reorientation." Coincidentally, I had already drawn this image, "A Womb of Deeper Life," depicting a similar concept.

Friday, September 11, 2015

MARKING YOUR UNIQUE SELF: Make Art, Join Women's Caucus for the Arts Georgia, Exbhibit, Enjoy

WHAT IS YOUR MARK? Hallelujah for the personal nature of each of our marks! My dear Chiboogamoo took this photo of me, Hallelujah Truth, at the opening reception of "MARK" at the Lyndon House Arts Center in Athens Georgia, September 10, 2015, where I had one of my wonderful images exhibited.
Hallelujah for each and everyone of us and the unique MARKS we make on this beautiful Earth! Hallelujah for husbands like my Chiboogamoo, who supports my artistic endeavors by driving on the interstate between cities to deliver me to art openings, whose winning personality is a delight to all who encounter him at these engagements, and who ecstatically documents my life's journey with exquisite photographs! Thank you!
ECSTATIC SUPPORTER CHIBOOGAMOO. Here we are! Ta dah! My work, entitled, "We are Not Alone," one of many in the series of the "Cosmos of Hallelujah," celebrating my life's story in a symbolic array of characters.(photo by another ecstatic husband of WCAGA Member)

On September 10, 2015, The Womens Caucus for Arts Georgia (WCAGA) opened an exhibit of their work--"MARK"--at Lyndon House Arts Center as part of its 40th year celebration. We WCAGA members were all surprised by the beauty of this exhibit hosting one "MARK" work of close to forty different women artists. How could so many diverse images come together in a coherent and inspirational show? 

There are many people to thank for the success of this exhibit, beginning with WCAGA board member, Barbara A. Rehg. For several years now, she has been committed to her vision vision women getting together to make their "MARKS." Many "drawing marathons" and other exhibits later, is this large one at the Lyndon House! Thank you Barb!

Also responsible for the success of this Lyndon House exhibit are Nancy Lukasiewicz, Didi Dumphey and Stacy Koffman, whose work made the "MARK" exhibit come to reality, as well as Georgia Strange, who juried the exhibit.Yay!

As a visionary artist, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to exhibit my work in such an elegant and welcoming environment. Each person makes individual "MARKS," and that is respected in this show! Yay for us all! Yay for creativity!
WE ARE NOT ALONE. I completed this piece in April as a part of the work I was doing with "Embody the Mother." The female figure in the center represents the unknown mother embodied in me. The other symbols in this image represent part of my psyche, including the boogey man, the unknown, the comforter, the growth, and creativity. (Art by Hallelujah Truth and photo by Chiboogamoo)
HURRAY FOR OTHER LIKE-MINDED ARTISTS. I love it that Jes Gordon's "MARK" was next to mine. To learn more about Jes, check out my interview with her here, and her website here. (photo by Chiboogamoo)
ALTARS AND PHOTOGRAPHER. I love Lisa Alexander Streib, photographer extraordinaire) and her work! Here she stands with her photograph of me (Yes, I was the model). Titled "Altars," this piece is significant in many ways. First, it is a part of a series that is a tribute to her father, who was an architect, and combines an architectural structure with a portrait. It is a tribute to me as we were collaborating on images documenting my hair after I got diagnosed with alopecia totalis. I was told I would be bald by May 2015. In this image, there is a bald spot, but you can't quite see it.  She took rubberbands and created this "hairdoo" for me to exalt my hair! An altar? Yes! An altar to hair! I felt loved and cherished, especially since this was a hairdoo she did for her daughter when she was a child. The hairstyle also expresses a structure similar to the cathedral ceiling she merged it with. Hallelujah for hair, hairdoos, and cathedrals. Hallelujah for having hair and friends that document hair! Love! (photo by me, Hallelujah Truth)
ME WITH HAIR, SEPTEMBER 2015. I have been on a health journey since my diagnosis of this auto-immune disease in February of 2013. For more than a year, I was actively balding. Then!!! At some point in mid-2015, my hair started growing back, filling multiple bald spots. I understand that this alopecia is in my genes and that I must focus on good health practices to maintain being a person with hair. I am so thankful for ART and fellow ARTIST Lisa Streib. I feel that her support in photographing me was one of the good health practices I engaged in to improve my health. (photo by Chiboogamoo)
HURRAY TO FELLOW ARTISTS ALL! How fun to play in Athens, Georgia, with Lisa Streib before her first of many exhibits to come. I love my life!  (photo by Chiboogamoo)
That's Coffee with Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me! I want to know what MARKS you make! I also appreciate hallelujahs and praise of my work! Love supports me and moves me forward. I'm sure you know what I mean! 

Thursday, September 10, 2015


SEED BODY. Growing into the new self. (art by Hallelujah Truth)
Make a new SELF
Honor the OLD.
The emergent BEING is silver
The past SELF gold.

Hallelujah for ART, TIME, and opportunities to SHED and GROW! As I celebrated my 57th birthday yesterday, I drew this image of myself setting forth into a new sphere of being (see below)!

I am proclaiming the wisdom of my own authority. As I settle into the prime of my life, I am discovering that there are times to depart the old self--to shed it somewhat like a snake skin. That bodyspirit which emerges from the shed skin is, in fact, new!

Why continue to make repairs to an old self/bodyspirit when what is needed is a new model? Some times, it makes much more sense to step out of the constraints of who you once were than hovering over all the negative consequences of a used-up-out-dated-YOU.

As I see myself, Hallelujah Truth shedding the skin of the old self and growing into the next sphere of bodyspirit being, I ask myself this very important question: What am I to do?

Where is the instruction manual for this process of "growing" the seed body as it shoots roots into my old existence and springs up out of my head into the next world? I have some answers, rather ideas....

ONE. Celebrating! Time for a ritual! Candles! Dances! Friends! Burning incense! Probably a seed planting ritual and re-potting old beloved plants!

TWO. Talking to my mentors, those beloved ones in my life who have experienced this cyclical human process of becoming and evolving.

THREE. Drawing images after visualizing the new emergent self.

FOUR. Taking new actions that completely surprise me by their novelty.

Dear Pilgrims! I am excited! I am ready to take action easefully and joyfully! Will you join me?

That's Coffee with Hallelujah! Soul Blog with me about your experiences around the emergent self and ways to BE in this new world. What are your practices?

Monday, September 7, 2015

I DREAMED I WAS AN ELEPHANT: Honoring the dream

I DREAMED A DREAM (art by Hallelujah Truth)

Hallelujah for DREAMS and all the WISDOM that they bring us! This past week, I dreamed I was an old elephant, matriarch of my tribe.

"But the tigers come at night
With their voices soft as thunder
As they tear your hope apart
And they turn your dream to shame..."
-from “I Dreamed a Dream

I dreamed as this matriarchal elephant, I was at the end of my life and killed by a tiger tearing me apart at my throat. Instead of being frightened or worried about the content of this dream, I felt gratitude for the opportunity my psyche was presenting me to explore transformations taking place deep inside of my SOUL! 

As is my daily creative practice (visit my Facebook Group, The Daily Creative Practice), I first honored my elephant dream by drawing it! Here is my image!
I DREAMED I WAS AN ELEPHANT. (Art by Hallelujah Truth)
Now, to further investigate my dream, let me tell you in words a little about my intentions in creating this image. I began drawing it by tracing on the bristol board a central vertical rectangle and five circles--three large at the top of the rectangle and two small at the bottom of the rectangle, which became the elephant's feet. 

In past months of my 15-minutes-of-drawing each day, I have been randomly selecting square and circular objects from my household and composing my images in arrangements that comfort or satisfy me. 

Here, in the above image, "I Dreamed I Was an Elephant," I was seeking to elicit strength and balance. Notice that I placed the elephant killer (the tiger) at the feet of my elephant, parallel with the symbol of Hallelujah Truth (symbolized by the flower). This arrangement "honored" the presence of the tiger, equal to the four-petalled flower, an essential essence of me. 

Then I used the lotus flower (a newly acquired symbol in my Cosmos of Hallelujah) and the heart (with leaves and flames) to frame the elephant's head creating this visual/verbal phrase for me: 

That which unfolds from wisdom is passionate new growth.

I am not sure yet what kind of meaning I want to make of the tiger and the death of the elephant. I have researched the symbolism of both animals want to reflect more about their significance to my particular stage of life. I do believe the tiger to be a part of my psyche and not an outside force. I also have an intuition that the matriarch elephant may have died, but that I am still an elephant. Strange? 

How wonderful it is to entertain our dreams! What an inviting visual and visceral way to engage with and in what our bodies know and create! Perhaps, now, I need to do a dance on behalf of my elephant dream. Will you come and witness this elephant dance for me?

That's Coffee with Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me and tell me what you think my dream means or share your own night dreams with me!

Friday, September 4, 2015

COMMUNION WITH THE UNIVERSE: Creating ways to touch and be touched

COMMUNION. I am here. (art by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for reflection. Hallelujah for the authors that we return to time and time again, who nurture our thoughts and become foundational in who we are and will become. Hallelujah for Peter London and for my opening the pages of his book, No More Secondhand Art: Awakening the Artist Within, to the pages on "Designing Creative Encounters" this morning!

Hallelujah to COMMUNION WITH THE UNIVERSE during my "coffee with Hallelujah"! If you have have time to drink a cup of coffee, you have time for COMMUNING with what is important to you, to encountering your CREATIVITY!

In the early hours this morning with my coffee, I was touched by Peter London's offerings on "bearing witness" within this chapter of "Designing Creative Encounters." He discusses ways to nurture the genuine response we have to the "call" to make our own art in environments that stimulate an unfortunate negative sense of competition with other artists. These environments, filled with our perceived "adversarial competitors," drive us to defend ourselves and art so that we can profit personally and economically. This sense of scarcity drains all of us of our CREATIVE ENERGY. Feeling there isn't enough recognition and money in our communities for all Art Makers prevents us from experiencing the powerful COMMUNING with ourselves and those precious other Creatives.

In being present, "bearing witness," to our own creative work and processes and that of others, Peter London suggests (paraphrased by me) that there is a more productive and positive way to be. We can tenderly:
  • Defending to to touching and being touched
  • Winning to sharing
  • Combating to communing.
Therefore, as a COMMUNICANT--one who is bearing witness for and to myself--I need no longer be anyone's adversary. Instead, as I am present to my own feelings in my body and mind before, during, and after the act of CREATING, I may have the opportunity to become wider and lighter and go deeper. In this transformed mode of communication, I become
Essentially, the COMMUNICANT ME may release the role of adversary to myself and others. There is an invitation in COMMUNING WITH THE UNIVERSE to no longer defend my BEING. As one who no longer is a slave to self-protection (from self and others), I might discover I have even more CREATIVE ENERGY

Bearing witness (being present for myself and to myself) on a continual basis has the possibility being TRANSFORMATIVE. Bearing witness offers me the opportunity to be in touch with myself and to be touched by my CREATIONS. Radiating out from myself, I will be more able to be open to being touched by other Creative Sojourners, like you my dear Readers!

That's Coffee with Hallelujah! Soul Blog with me and share your experiences with COMMUNION WITH THE UNIVERSE. What ways are you creating to touch and be touched? Are you your own adversary? Do create adversarial relationships with other artists?

Other blog posts responding to Peter London's ideas: 

Metaphoric Objects

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

WALK, STOP, RUN: Stop, Evaluate, Edit

WALK STOP RUN: Stop, evaluate, edit. (art by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for CHOICES! Hallelujah for walking, stopping, and running within community and being respected for the choices I make! Hallelujah for you dear reader and fellow soul sojourner! 

Today, I am STOPPING to take stock of my situation--to EVALUATE what is present. In this physical pause, I am actively assessing what might need to be altered--to be EDITED.

Today, I am also STOPPING to express gratitude to InterPlay for giving me an "embodied" way to experience this choice to linger on the fringes of my community or within it as I settle momentarily to make my observations. One of the forms in InterPlay is "Walking, Stopping, Running" during which all participants have the freedom to choose how they want to be in their bodies--moving, being still, or going fast. The wonderful aspect of this form? One is not alone! We experience enacting our individual choices while still being among those we share our lives with. We do not need to conform. We do not need to sacrifice our authenticity.

I am also STOPPING today to say a BIG THANK YOU to the manifesting Monday group, which I have named "Coffee with Hallelujah"! Coffee represents time and Hallelujah represents Soul; therefore, "Coffee with Hallelujah" is a phrase that means this: TIME SPENT WITH YOUR TREASURED BEINGNESS. 

My "Coffee with Hallelujah" manifesting Monday group is in its early stages, yet already its members are bringing such joy and warmth to my life. Each manifesting participant is open to their hopes and desires with such courageous vulnerability. And each one has such a wealth of wisdom to share! 
COFFEE WITH HALLELUJAH. In August, I launched a manifesting Monday group here in Decatur, Georgia. My goal was to have four to five participants and I was so pleased when I manifested these wonderfully gifted and energetic people in my community. More shall be revealed as we manifest. For now, I am stopping to treasure the wisdom shared with me by the man in our group, Matt Blodgett. Stop. Evaluate. Edit. Yes! (photo by Karvana coffee goer)
This past Monday, Matt Blodgett, who left his career as a landscape designer to be a fulltime artist, offered me this piece of wisdom after I expressed being lost with regard to my current art making. Simply stated, he said: "Look at what you have. Evaluate. Edit." He went on to explain that is what he did all time as a landscaper. 

Hallelujah for this Wisdom! Evaluate the landscape of Hallelujah Truth's art! Yes Matt! Yes! More shall be revealed from this processing of Stopping, Running, and Walking with the aim to evaluate and edit!

That's Coffee with Hallelujah for this morning! SOUL BLOG with me and tell me what you think about your life.  Are you walking, stopping, and running in your community as you choose? How well received are your choices? Is it time for you to stop, evaluate, and edit!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

COMFORT IN: Returning to and loving the familiar after delving into new ways of being

COMFORT IN HEART. (art by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for COMFORT and finding COMFORT in the familiar! 

In recent months, I have been incorporating "new ways of being" in the fabric of my life, and these gargantuan changes resulted in my feeling a bit off kilter, hence few blog postings. Here in Hotlanta, Georgia, where I live (actually Decatur), my time in June was spent preparing for these events in July and August:

Teaching two English as a second language courses for three weeks in a summer program at Georgia Tech. I strove to weave a few InterPlay improvisational forms in my instruction and to be a "new" improved version of my earlier teaching self (ha ha ha, ho ho ho).
EMBODYING ENGLISH. This is the public speaking class I taught 16 students visiting from various Chinese universities. Incorporating InterPlay forms to my instruction was successful, producing energized and engaged students. Similar outcomes also occurred in the American English pronunciation course I taught. (photo by LI student)

One week was spent in North Carolina, learning about the arts organization, Alternate Roots, performing "Embody the Mother" there with Lynn Hesse, introducing InterPlay to members, and becoming a voting member of Alternate Roots. Each day challenged me, physically, mentally, socially, and creatively. Roots members are talented and social justice minded. The days were crammed from morning to night (all night) meetings, workshops, information exchanges, and performances. There was so much to learn and absorb and discover where I might fit in and serve the organization's mission.
EMBODYING THE MOTHER. How exciting to perform "Embody the Mother" at my first Alternate Roots week! Lynn Hesse and I were also paid for our performance! Yay! This was our fifth performance with a piece that we crafted over a period of months in a program called "Fieldwork." (photo by volunteer)

Then another week in August, I flew to Racine, Wisconsin, to attend my first national InterPlay leaders gathering during which I was celebrated with others for becoming a Certified InterPlay Leader during 2015. This was another week filled with all day meetings, workshops, play, and performances with many people I had met online but was meeting in person for the first time. The experience was profound and rewarding. InterPlayers are incredibly fun and deep human beings. The discussion we had concerning race, facilitated by our leaders of color, was rich and yet disturbing. I encountered my own feelings about the privilege of being white and learned in a deeper and more personal way how negatively impacted people of color are in our society. I will continue processing one of the most current pressing social issues in the United States right now.
INTERPLAY CELEBRATION. Oh yes! InterPlay co-founders, Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter, greeted all of us newly certified InterPlay leaders at the end of our celebratory march down the aisle through a cascade of feathers and ribbons strewn by other InterPlay leaders. What fun! We also had our toes anointed with green nail polish by Soyinka Rahim and graced with green glitter by Cynthia. Something to savor, something to have! (photo by Marty Redwing Roddy)
Then there was the weekend that followed the InterPlay leaders gathering! It was devoted to CathyAnn Beaty's facilitation of "InterPlay Way" back here in Georgia.  The InterPlay Way is designed to provide tools, ideas and practices from the InterPlay system that can support the work of therapists, social workers, clergy, chaplains, recovery coaches, life coaches and counselors, and others in closely-related fields. I truly appreciated the opportunity to go deeper into InterPlay and embody "self-care" during two-and-a-half days.
INTERPLAY WAY.  What is self care? InterPlay's Body Wisdom office has developed a program, "InterPlay Way," facilitated by CathyAnn Beaty that uses five InterPlay forms that addresses this question. The costumes were a bonus of the location--at Norcross's Lionheart Performing Arts Centre and not a part of InterPlay Way. (photo by Nona Johnson)
After the summer of dipping my toes into a life separate from my husband Chiboogamoo , who is my boon companion, and deep into the ARTS, I ask: WHO AM I?

Yes! I am back to asking this question--WHO AM I--again!

COMFORT IN. When asking this question, I find comfort in returning to the familiar. I AM in the center of this image (The Hallelujah figure is a symbol of my SPIRIT)....and I am "in" each of the images surrounding Hallelujah. I AM ALL OF THESE. I am the comforting wallaby. I am the Wandjina, strong and creative. I am the lotus flower with its feet in the mud, blooming nevertheless. I am HEART beating, growing, and aflame with passion. And the pink snake? I am her too with her infinite capacity to shed old skin that is no longer serving her. (Art by Hallelujah Truth)
As I allow my recent experiences to soak in to my entire body, I am in need of the familiar. I return to my drawing of Hallelujah, putting her in the CENTER, surrounded by other aspects of my psyche. Upon waking this morning, I knew I needed Mother Snake to be pink!
Hallelujah for resurrection! For return to self! To something familiar in the midst of all that is foreign because of its newness. That said, WHO AM I NOW?
I propose that I am the one who perpetuates, one who steadfastly roots herself in her uniquities and creates. I am the one who blooms easefully and joyfully....How about you? SOUL BLOG with me and tell me about your Coffee with Hallelujah!