Monday, March 14, 2016

GROWING NEW SOUL: How long does it take?

GROWING NEW SOUL. (art by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for new life! Hallelujah for the origin of a new you....once again giving birth to another aspect of SELF! I call this process the dance of "Growing New Soul."

We configure and reconfigure a sense of self throughout our lives suffering uncountable losses and mini-deaths. Our personal experience shows us that the stuff of life (both abstract and concrete) perish persistently and with great consistency: youthful dreams, relationships, middle age hopes and expectations, and ideas--even towels and sheets and skin cells and hair, vigor and parents....

This process of learning to dance with these mini-deaths is how we GROW ourselves and perhaps find peace and our place on this dear EARTH.

"So long as you haven't experienced this: 
to die and so to grow, 
you are only a troubled guest
 on the dark earth."  --Goethe

However, questions arise for me about this glorious birth-death cycle dance....

Does anyone know how long the process takes?

Is it done alone or in the company of others?

Can the dance be pleasurable?

Is suffering required? 

Silly questions! For me, it is about engaging in the MAGIC. Embracing the MYSTERY without knowing the answers. LIFE is an alchemical process of meeting the fire, expiring, retiring and then returning, once again to prosper, rise up, love and connect....

  And welcome the Dear Beloved

"I cannot tell you 
how the light comes,
but that it does.
That it will.
That it works its way
into the deepest dark
that enfolds you, 
though it may seem 
long ages in coming
or arrive in a shape
you did not foresee."
--excerpt from How the Light Comes, Jane Richardson

That's Coffee with Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me. I invite you to share your stories about the cycle of "birthing" of you!