InterPlay Alchemy

Ruth Schowalter
Please join me, Ruth Schowalter, certified InterPlay leader, for the InterPlay series: InterPlay Alchemy that I am offering on Tuesday mornings in 2015. Open enrollment beginning this April. Details below. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! 
What InterPlay Alchemist participants are saying about the playshop series:

-->"Ruth’s gentle and engaging approach to InterPlay Alchemy brings magic and healing to her community as we are led towards "Having it All"--bringing body, mind, heart, and spirit together. Her enthusiasm, warmth, and knowledge of InterPlay guide us towards personal insights and growth as we enjoy meaningful, creative and playful experiences."--Joyce K. Kinnard, J.D., M.S., Licensed Professional Counselor 

What InterPlay Alchemy is:
InterPlay Alchemy: The Creative Magic of the Embodied Soul
Facilitated by Ruth Schowalter

“Learn how to walk in the sweetness of the possession of your own soul.”  -D.H. Lawrence

Baptism at Sweetwater Creek, by Hallelujah Truth
What is it you alone know and want to express? Are you being called to speak from your soul? Each one of us has a private way of speaking that yearns for support and to be heard in community.

InterPlay allows us to speak to one another in the marvelous flexible languages of movement, voice, story telling, and stillness. But what is InterPlay and how is it alchemical?

InterPlay is an improvisational system that is an active creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body. Devoted to fun, InterPlay integrates body, mind, heart, and spirit in a “sneaky deep” way. It also teaches the language and ethic of play in a powerful way. If you would like to be a “recovering serious person,” InterPlay might be for you. For more information about InterPlay, visit

In this series of Tuesday playshops, “InterPlay Alchemy: The Creative Magic of the Embodied Soul,” we play around with themes related to the meaning of life--thresholds, “flyingtime,” the little self and higher self, grace, joy, wholeness, health, and more.

InterPlay invites us to create from where we are, and not where we think we should be. At the same time, creating from our embodied souls can transform us in ways that feel magical!

This course is open to both experienced and new InterPlay participants.

Tuesdays 10am to noon
April 7 to May 26
Fee 8 classes:  $120.00 (Drop ins are welcome $20)

Decatur First Christian Church, 601 West Ponce De Leon Ave., Decatur, Georgia, 30030
Contact Ruth Schowalter for further information and for signing up at: 


For more about InterPlay in Atlanta see:

For more about me, see my blog,

INTERPLAY WARM UP.  That's me, Ruth Schowalter, aka Hallelujah Truth, in the middle, leading a warm up for our InterPlay Atlanta performance troupe, Soulprint Players.  (photo by Tony Martin, my husband)

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