My Mission

Greetings FELLOW PILGRIMS (from Hallelujah Truth, aka Ruth Schowalter)

I  am a joyful ART PILGRIM on the most wonderful creative JOURNEY! It is my mission on this blog to connect and share my ART and reflections with like-minded SOULS across generations. I believe that ART heals, instructs, inspires, and adds meaning to our lives. Therefore, I blog to CELEBRATE all of life's CREATIVE force!

The name of my blog, "Coffee with Hallelujah," is a metaphor. It represents spending time with that special part of yourself that I call SOUL. If you have time to drink a hot beverage each day, you certainly have time to honor your SPIRIT and give birth to something new each day.


Another part of my blogging mission is to explore SCIENCE through the imaginative lens of an ARTIST. As a wife of a scientist, I have many incredible opportunities to travel, learn about different environments,  and meet other scientists.  As a result I have broadened my PILGRIM'S JOURNEY, to investigating and writing about scientific topics. From these endeavors emerged the collaborative interviews that my husband and I have done with Paleontologist Barbie!

Finally, I blog so I can hear from you, listen to your wisdom, see your art, set play dates, and talk science! SOUL BLOG with me at Coffee with Hallelujah!
Read an interview conducted by one of my blogging students on the matter of Soul! Thank you Shell Bing!