InterPlay Alchemy Testimonials

InterPlay Alchemy participants offered these testimonials for me, Ruth Schowalter (aka Hallelujah Truth) following eight weeks (February and March 2015) of Tuesday mornings playing with the creative magic of the embodied soul here in Decatur, Georgia:

Ruth’s gentle and engaging approach to InterPlay Alchemy brings magic and healing to her community as we are led towards "Having it All"--bringing body, mind, heart, and spirit together. Her enthusiasm, warmth, and knowledge of InterPlay guide us towards personal insights and growth as we enjoy meaningful, creative and playful experiences.
--Joyce K. Kinnard, J.D., M.S., Licensed Professional Counselor
I'd never heard of InterPlay until that moment I was invited! "Okay, sure thing," I thought as I accepted the invitation to embark upon a two-month, soul-embodying experience.
The best words to describe this journey are Playtime, Fun, Acceptance, Joy, Authenticity, Creative Delights,  Liberation, Divinity...LOVE! I felt as free as a child twirling on a playground; as important to the Whole of All Things as the Sky; as full of Creative Expressions as the Louvre! Oh, did I mention that I felt...BLISSFUL???

Ruth GENTLY guided us through exercises that end at destinations soothing to my mind, heart, body and SOUL! And each place seemed more delectable than the previous!

I am so grateful to have been reminded of my "Lil DIVINE Self"  in ways I had nearly forgotten! Excuse me as I go and (Inter)Play....

--D. Jones, veteran

Interplay with Ruth is great fun. She is well organized with interesting new ideas each week. She illustrates the InterPlay forms very clearly while emphasizing that it is always up to us to best adapt them to our own needs. Her experience as a teacher does her well in this setting as she creates a relaxed and very interactive experience of Interplay, as it should be.  We have beginner and experienced InterPlayers in our group and it all meshes very well. Its a great high to take with you into your week.

--Gerry Cook, retired computer programmer


I'm just finishing up an 8-week class in InterPlay facilitated by Ruth Schowalter and I've loved every minute of it. She provides a safe, instructive place to play, express yourself in ways you might not have thought of before and just have fun. I highly recommend it to EVERYONE no matter your age or physical ability. It's FUN!!!!

--Lee Wilschek, sole proprietor of Virtual Assistant Lee

I have truly enjoyed InterPlay Alchemy for the past two months and am so grateful for the experience. Ruth, you are an amazing teacher/leader. Insightful, creative, enthusiastic, inspiring....and so much more. You have fostered the perfect combination of fun, joy, and challenge. I love the transformative power of InterPlay and how I'm able to reference and reflect from our practices and noticings. My body is happier and my heart is more open. Thank you for all that you have put into creating an environment that supports and sustains this amazingly joyful and deep play. 
–Marie Carrera, retired art director

As a teacher (of improvisation), I relish opportunities to be a student. In Ruth's class, InterPlay Alchemy, the thrill of discovery and the awakening of the mind and the senses that come with learning, were present for me from the very first moment. Under Ruth's tutelage, the class became a gathering place where we could each attend to our individual needs and desires and engage trustfully and joyfully with each other. From her place of deep knowing and love of InterPlay (as well as years of artful teaching), Ruth excelled at synthesizing all the elements of material and meaning.  
 –Lesly Fredman, Director, Performer, Creativity Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader, Teacher


  1. This all sounds just like the Ruth I know. It's great to hear how the course was received by this vibrant group of players. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sheila thank you so much for all that you have given me through your instructions in Secrets of InterPlay, the Life Practice Program, and all of your performance workshops. You are such a valued mentor. Thank you.