Friday, September 4, 2015

COMMUNION WITH THE UNIVERSE: Creating ways to touch and be touched

COMMUNION. I am here. (art by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for reflection. Hallelujah for the authors that we return to time and time again, who nurture our thoughts and become foundational in who we are and will become. Hallelujah for Peter London and for my opening the pages of his book, No More Secondhand Art: Awakening the Artist Within, to the pages on "Designing Creative Encounters" this morning!

Hallelujah to COMMUNION WITH THE UNIVERSE during my "coffee with Hallelujah"! If you have have time to drink a cup of coffee, you have time for COMMUNING with what is important to you, to encountering your CREATIVITY!

In the early hours this morning with my coffee, I was touched by Peter London's offerings on "bearing witness" within this chapter of "Designing Creative Encounters." He discusses ways to nurture the genuine response we have to the "call" to make our own art in environments that stimulate an unfortunate negative sense of competition with other artists. These environments, filled with our perceived "adversarial competitors," drive us to defend ourselves and art so that we can profit personally and economically. This sense of scarcity drains all of us of our CREATIVE ENERGY. Feeling there isn't enough recognition and money in our communities for all Art Makers prevents us from experiencing the powerful COMMUNING with ourselves and those precious other Creatives.

In being present, "bearing witness," to our own creative work and processes and that of others, Peter London suggests (paraphrased by me) that there is a more productive and positive way to be. We can tenderly:
  • Defending to to touching and being touched
  • Winning to sharing
  • Combating to communing.
Therefore, as a COMMUNICANT--one who is bearing witness for and to myself--I need no longer be anyone's adversary. Instead, as I am present to my own feelings in my body and mind before, during, and after the act of CREATING, I may have the opportunity to become wider and lighter and go deeper. In this transformed mode of communication, I become
Essentially, the COMMUNICANT ME may release the role of adversary to myself and others. There is an invitation in COMMUNING WITH THE UNIVERSE to no longer defend my BEING. As one who no longer is a slave to self-protection (from self and others), I might discover I have even more CREATIVE ENERGY

Bearing witness (being present for myself and to myself) on a continual basis has the possibility being TRANSFORMATIVE. Bearing witness offers me the opportunity to be in touch with myself and to be touched by my CREATIONS. Radiating out from myself, I will be more able to be open to being touched by other Creative Sojourners, like you my dear Readers!

That's Coffee with Hallelujah! Soul Blog with me and share your experiences with COMMUNION WITH THE UNIVERSE. What ways are you creating to touch and be touched? Are you your own adversary? Do create adversarial relationships with other artists?

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