Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Womb of Deeper Life: Diving in easefully and joyfully

DIVING INTO THE WOMB OF DEEPER LIFE. (art by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for the CALL to go deeper into the womb of life as we cycle through life's challenges! Hallelujah for ART that is a delightfully rewarding response to this FALL from being oriented or on known-level-ground! Hallelujah for the HAND of BIG SWEETIE, GOD, the DIVINE, ETERNAL GRACE, that which is INFINITE which catches us or guides us in our disorientation!

Where are you in the cycle of life:


Wherever you are right now, I believe ART can be such a rewarding way to engage in each phase of our ever spiraling life cycles which are rich in phases of orientation, disorientation, and reorientation. We inhabit all three, multiple times in our lives, don't we?

"Art is a response to a call," writes Peter London in "Designing Creative Encounters," a chapter in his book, No More Secondhand Art. He continues to explain what can happen to us when we are "called":

"The nature of the call determines to a large extent the nature of the response. The call is an invitation, a challenge to engage with the world in such a manner that an increase of creative expression in life and art is the ultimate reward. Each call is an invitation to step forward, to cut more deeply into life, to aspire to grander ambitions, to relinquish our hold on the past, and to open our hand to the future."
THE GOOD SHIP, PILGRIM. Aren't we all on a journey during our lives? Are you claiming your journey? Did you know you are a Pilgrim, just like me? (Art by Hallelujah Truth)
Years ago, as I was approaching 50, the prime of my life, I determined that I was not engaged as adventurously as I might be in my life. Then, after meeting Melissa Walker, author of Living on Wilderness Time, and reading her book, I decided to step into my life and away from linear time. I would stop the clock (Just as I did when I went in search of a lifelong companion and found my Chiboogamoo). I would live on "wilderness" time, and I would dive deeper into the womb of life.

Since then and after engaging with Lesly Fredman, an extraordinary creativity coach, and getting certified as a leader in InterPlay, I have been embracing the cycling and recycling of ORIENTATION, DISORIENTATION, and REORIENTATION. 

I might add--with joy and ease! At the ripe mature age of 57, here I go again. Wheee....
FULFILLMENT IN CYCLE. This is life! Finding the life we feel is intended for us to live. Then getting disoriented. Falling. Finding a reorientation. Hallelujah for process, for faith, for going into the womb of deeper life. (Art by Hallelujah Truth. This image was drawn in pen on bristol board. Photographed using an I-Phone and altered in Photoshop.)

Wheee....I am falling. I am disoriented. Two years going on three years from teaching English as a Second Language at the Georgia Tech Institute. Who am I?

I am moments away from being reoriented. Days away from launching my website, weeks away from engaging with you and you and you as the Coach of InterPlay Art & Soul Creativity Coaching to help you live on wilderness time. 

And yes, I will also engage with you internationals as an American English Fluency Coach to support your dreams as you build them while speaking English. Whatever, your journey, I am present to your creativity and will help you orient. My motto is:

 I am the advocate of the language of your life. 

As I support you, I reorient me. What a wonderful life! I am the advocate of the language of your life! Hurray! Hallelujah!

That's Coffee With Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me. Are you being called to increase the creative expression of your life? Are you stepping forward to find a womb of deeper life?

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Thanks to Pastor James Brewer-Calvert, who gave a heart-filled sermon today at the Decatur First Christian Church, here in Decatur, Georgia, two blocks from where I live with my Chiboogamoo. I have been so drawn in by James' friendliness and open-mindedness about faith as I use the facilities at his church for my InterPlay activities. Today's sermon was on "orientation, disorientation, and reorientation." Coincidentally, I had already drawn this image, "A Womb of Deeper Life," depicting a similar concept.

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