Monday, November 30, 2009

SAY "YES, and...."

Say YES! Hallelujah....Then add, AND....

What else can be added? Say YES, anddddddddddddd....come up with something MORE. You will always surprise yourself!

After a year of taking improvisation classes, I know the rule of "YES, AND..." quite well. In improv classes, where you build scenes by creating your own lines, you are responsible for making your partner look good. Whatever he or she says, you receive that statement as a wonderful gift. You agree and build on what you have been offered. Let me give an example.

If your partner says, "I think we need to paint this room the color of eggplant." You say, "Great idea! And...we can paint the trim in pumpkin orange." The goal of saying YES is to keep the CHANNELS open, to move from one place to another.

Hallelujah is in the process of learning how to do IMPROV ART. She is saying "YES, AND..." going to the Bahamas spiritually to support her earnest self, the visionary painter RUTHTRUTH in her "efforting" to illustrate "The Misadventures of Maria the Hutia."

In this image, "Yes, the Bahamas," I have returned to one of my stock images--that of the mermaid. She is cheering me on to say, "YES." I have put her in my mandala circle in order to create balance in my psyche and to hold the energy. At her right is the snake (symbol of creation), fish (symbol of fertility), Wandjina (my male energy and force), and then in ghostlike form--Maria the Hutia! Yes! And?

The second image you see here is the next of the illustrations for the children's book, "The Misadventures of Maria the Hutia."
She is eating seagrape leaves nearby a swirling, stormy sea, which will sweep her away from the shore and into her journey.

Hallelujah says "YES" and discovers that we are all PILGRIMS. What will you say YES to today? AND....

That's coffee with Hallelujah! Share your "yeses" with me! and...


  1. yes !! to pumpkin & eggplant. when brenda and i (& very soon thereafter ian too) lived on avenida cuatehmoc (df) we painted two walls orange (not dark enough to be called pumpkin) rubbed with red & yellow, and two other walls white, all trimmed with purple ... it was up-lifting ... and ha! we were on the top !!! (floor) .... into the sky :)

  2. DD! I've been waiting for you! Welcome to Halleuljah's palace of dreamtime and joyous creativity! Sister, welcome! I love your description of the walls in your Mexican home--I would like to experience those colors!