Sunday, April 24, 2011


Woman Rabbit in a Wedding Dress (Hallelujah Truth Art)

Hallelujah PILGRIMS for rebirth, renewal, refreshment, renovation, replenishment, restoration…SPRING TIME CELEBRATION! When the EASTER BUNNY visits our homes at the Spring Equinox, this BEING brings us a BASKET of OPPORTUNITIES. How gloriously fortunate we are to experience the death-rebirth cycle, the turning and churning of the four seasons. How joyous it is to celebrate SPRING and REBIRTH and to embrace our basket of “opportunity eggs.”

Hallelujah with Wallaby Companion

In 2011, my OPPORTUNITY EGGS in My Easter Basket are the Following:

The OPPORTUNITY EGG to BE REBORN. Winter is over. Time for planting, for sowing seeds of possibilities. What do I want to begin?

The OPPORTUNITY EGG to REPLENISH. What is gone? What has vanished, deteriorated, been used up, departed, been depleted? Do I want to replace it?

The OPPORTUNITY EGG to RESTART. “The force that through the green fuse drives the flower” (Dylan Thomas) is powerful and persistent, instigating forward movement—after a dormant winter. Begin again!

The OPPORTUNITY EGG to RETRIEVE and RENOVATE. Recognize the constants in life. Repair and update beliefs, relationships, possessions, or creativity.

The OPPORTUNITY EGG to REMEMBER and RELINQUISH. Like a good spring cleaning of a closet, many ideas, experiences, sadnesses, conflicts, and disappointments can be honored and then let go….a seasonal letting go and moving on…

The OPPORTUNITY EGG to RELISH OTHERS. To express love and appreciation to the communities in our lives, whether they be legions of one or many.

The OPPORTUNITY EGG to BE REDEEMED! All of us have the chance to restore our  spirit through reflection, prayer, knowledge and creativity.

The Great Mystery with Rabbit Woman

ABOUT THESE RABBIT IMAGES: I have posted this artwork of the “Woman-Rabbit in a Wedding Dress” today because it seemed thematically relevant to me. Consider that Easter is one of the most important celebrations of the Christian calendar because of the Resurrection of Christ. He died. He returns to LIFE. That’s amazing! For those of us who draw from many religions to feed our spirituality—this acknowledgment of the BIRTH-DEATH cycle takes on HUGE SYMBOLIC MEANING.

Sally Wylde in her self made Rabbit Woman Costume,  Grand Marshall of Oakhurst,  Georgia, dancing with child. (Photo taken by Chiboogamoo, and photoshopped by Hallelujah)

We have numerous opportunities in our lives to be BE BORN AGAIN. We can die numerous times and be resurrected, to start anew. Easter, a holy day, which occurs in spring and in conjunction with the lunar calendar, is such a glorious celebration of life! Winter is over. Spring has begun. Jesus lives!

And everybody knows the Easter Bunny has come to embody that ALIVENESS! How brilliant to represent REBIRTH with the symbol of the EGG brought to us by the furry cute and fertile rabbit! Easter is a TIME of POSSIBILITY! Good-bye old. Hello NEW.

Symbols change. The beloved Easter Bunny has many forms. My “Woman-Rabbit in a Wedding Dress” is one of these morphed Easter Bunnies! Let me explain. This image originates from a photograph taken several years ago of a dear friend, Sally Wylde, who died in August 2010 (See my related blog: The Soul is Not in the Body, The Body is in the Soul). My Chiboogamoo took this picture of Sally at the Oakhurst Parade several years ago. As the founder of the Oakhurst Community Garden, she had been asked to be the Grand Marshall of the parade. It was to the amusement of the Oakhurst Mayor that Sally was unrecognizable in her costume--a wedding dress and an artistically self-rendered rabbit mask. 
Spinning, reaching for Heaven while grounded in the Earth, unfinished Hallelujah Truth Art

The image of costumed Sally (a woman in her 60s) dancing with a child intrigued me. It had the ENERGY of a powerful symbol. A wise old woman bedecked in a young woman’s dress—a wedding dress, signifying potentiality, fertility, possibility. She holds the hands of a young girl, bringing her into the mystery! Sally pulled me into the mystery too. Thus, the piece of art I made for myself to translate the symbolic ENERGY for me.

The route for my CREATIVITY is to follow what I know. So I put Sally into my Hallelujah-world of Wandjina, wallaby, crocodile, turtle, and the GREAT MYSTERY.  On the left of the image, I have included a diagram, “The ‘How’ of Creation,” from SUFI: Expressions of the Mystic Quest. This diagram seems very mysterious to me and I can’t say I understand it, but I like that it begins with the KNOWER!

It is EASTER SUNDAY, and I KNOW that WE ARE NOT ALONE. We are all PILGRIMS SOJOURNING together. Last Sunday, April 17th, Sally posthumously became the first recipient of an award named after her: The Sally Wylde Cultivating Life Award. Britt Dean, her husband, accepted this award for Sally in the community garden Sally founded in Oakhurst. Sally is gone, but her community garden is bursting with life of emerging herbs, vegetables and flowers.

Sally Rabbit lives in my heart and my art! Happy Easter! Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me at Coffee with Hallelujah about your EASTER and spring-time symbols. What will you renew this holy day?


  1. Dear HALLELUJAH TRUTH. How wonderful the Easter and opportunity eggs are. I am looking forward your restart and creativity.

  2. (I just wandered on along note and then lost it trying to check into google. I don't do this blog thing well) THANK YOU for sharing and wandering (as often) a similar vein as my own on this day of awful, glorious days. For your gorgeous Art-Soul work, most especially The Great Mystery with Rabbit Woman...oh, oh! So grateful for these days of holding and roasting and toasting that Egg! the Inner Seed given so we can warm it up for the Life and Art after days of silence in the Great Breaking OUT! I stand for Wrapping and Roasting the Egg! Even the shell, which will GO and be LEFT behind, is required today. Bless you and grateful to look over yonder in the parade of pilgrims and wave to you! And for re-membering lovely Sally to me...she whom I didn't know well but see shining through you and Jesse and Lesly. BREAKING OUT.