Sunday, May 8, 2011


An excerpt from a Seema Kohli painting

Hallelujah for the GODDESS, the DIVINE FEMININE FORCE! On Mother’s Day 2011, I would like to introduce a term that is new to me—SHAKTI. Apparently in Hinduism, the GODDESS “is” SHAKTI, and WOMEN “have” SHAKTI.  SHAKTI is the POWER OF CREATION. I am thankful to Ogelthorpe University, and its museum exhibit, “Goddess, Lion, Peasant, Priest,” for bringing powerful contemporary images of the Hindi Goddess in her multiple manifestations to Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
A Painting of the Divine Feminine by Seema Kohli
Another work by Seema Kohli

Hallelujah for the powerful paintings of SHAKTI by Seema Kohli, a contemporary Indian artist born in 1960 and living in New Dehli! Her images of the GODDESS are breathtaking! (See more about Seema Kohli and her artwork on her website.) The intricacy of line and pattern in her work as well as color is a celebration to CREATION itself!
The Divine Feminine by other Contemporary Indian Artists (sorry for not getting their names)

A week ago, on Wednesday, April 27, I had the good fortune of attending the lecture, “The Power of the Feminine in India: Women & Goddesses” given by Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger. A professor of religion at Emory University, Professor Flueckiger, is currently writing the book, “When the World Becomes Female: Festival, Narrative & Ritual Traditions of the Goddess Gangamma.” Having lived in India until she was 18 and spent considerable time there doing research, she spoke about her experiences with Hindi women and their concept of the power, SHAKTI, that human women are believed to embody.  Hindi women don’t even need to believe in SHAKTI but can express it through various rituals such as singing, making sand paintings, and using tumeric powder.

Whether we BELIEVE in the GODDESS or PRACTICE ritual related to the GODDESS the MOTHER, let us all HONOR SHAKTI today! Hallelujah for the magnificent CREATOR and to all of us human WOMEN, who possess the power to generate something new, original, and unique. Hallelujah to Seema Kohli and all female ARTISTS!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to the  DIVINE FEMININE and all of HER human echoes! That’s Coffee with Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me and tell me about your experience of the GREAT MOTHER!


  1. Dear Ruth! These women you created are kind, mild and powerful. How is your mother's day? Have you done something to celebrate it? I cooked for my mother and she liked it.

  2. Dear Jing! Thank you for being so generous with your compliments, but I will have to decline to accept them. The paintings here are done by contemporary Indian artists and were in an exhibit at Ogelthorpe University. I celebrated the UNIVERSAL MOTHER by doing "secret ceremonies" with the Spiritual Art Pilgrims!

  3. Yes, the 4 Earthy-Spiritual Art Pilgrims (Me included) created an altar to Mother-ours and the cosmic woman. We wrote, moved about, burned offerings of words and images and bonded a women friends in the beauty of a backyard garden.