Saturday, November 10, 2012


Hallelujah for Kat McNally in Melbourne, Australia, the blogger of "I Saw You Dancing," and her idea that Saturdays are for Savouring! Thanks Kat for this wonderful blogging idea to express the things in your life that you are grateful for. Today, I am grateful for the following:
GRATITUDE #1: MY CHIBOOGAMOO.  I am grateful for the sustaining companionship of my playful but intelligent husband, Tony Martin, who I affectionately call Chiboogamoo. He graces my life with humor, patience, engaging conversation, and such abiding love.  This photo is one of hundreds which represent Chiboogamoo's readiness to support my photographic ambitions with him as my favorite subject. This image was taken in Melbourne, Australia, at the Museum Victoria. To read about his paleontological work in Victoria, see his blog, The Great Cretaceous Walk. (photo by Hallelujah Truth)

GRATITUDE #2: SAPELO AND TAO.  How fortunate we are to have been able to bring these two wonderful young kitties into our lives. We just acknowledged that a year has passed since we lost our 17-year old Siamese Misha (see my tribute to this wonderful feline who is no longer with us). Sapelo, the kitty looking at us from the photo, came to us in February. She is a quiet girl who likes to snuggle and sleep under the covers. Tao, who is tucked into the box, joined us in December. He is an adventurous joyous spirit, one that sings in melodic meows and actually smiles all the time. I am so grateful that we have these gentle feline beings in our household. (photo by Hallelujah Truth)

GRATITUDE #3: NANCY WILKINSON. Hallelujah for living on Adair Street in Decatur, Georgia, and for all of the creative souls who live along it, especially Nancy Wilkinson. Her front yard Halloween decorations continue to entertain us a week after Halloween. As she takes apart her imaginative display, we have the good fortune to see new expressions of her imagination. Here, the vulture "flamingos" appear to be scavenging one of her cowboy skeletons! I am grateful for the visual magnet she is for me and the laughs her work elicit from me!  (photo by Hallelujah Truth)

GRATITUDE #4: COMPANIONSHIP OF OTHER ARTISTS.  I am grateful for having a supportive arts community in my town of Decatur and the larger Atlanta area. Elise Helfer, who is explaining her work at an art opening at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta, is one of the friends I have made as a member of the Artist Conference Network here in Atlanta. I am also a member of the Women's Caucus for Art of Georgia and LOVE the energy of this group. (photo by Hallelujah Truth)

GRATITUDE #5: THE MYSTERY OF MATIMAL.  There are people in our lives who we don't quite understand but embrace because of their kindness, compassion, and humor. I am grateful to Matt, who I have gotten to know better since my creativity coach, Lesly Fredman, gave Matt blogging sessions with me to set up his blog, "Cold News." He and I have extended our "blogging" relationship through a barter system. In exchange for my blogging expertise, Matimal gives me the most amazing stress-relief massages! Hurray! Thank you Matimal!  (photo by Hallelujah Truth)

GRATITUDE #6: FALL IN DECATUR, GEORGIA, USA.  Our small town of Decatur, is a city designed for pedestrians. I am so grateful for that! Thank you city planners! My Chiboogamoo and I did not use our car today. Instead, in the morning we walked to a local coffee shop, Kavarna, in Oakhurst. This jaunt required us to cross Dekalb Avenue and hop over train tracks all giving us a great view of the fall leaves! While walking, we also discovered a sign announcing a neighborhood block party. Later in the day, we moseyed on over to the party by foot. During the four-block journey we enjoyed the golden warmth of the autumn sun and we joined our neighborhood association!  (photos by Hallelujah Truth)
GRATITUDE #7: CREATIVE BLOGGING STUDENTS.  I am so grateful for the class of international students that I am teaching blogging. They have "wowed" me with their creativity and boldness! The fun but meaningful blog titles engage me and keep me going back to their sites for a visit. Thank you blogging students. Take a look below at a few if you would like to see what I am excited about! I will be writing future blogs to explore the process of creating blogs with these smart dedicated students.


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That's Coffee with Halleluajah! SOUL BLOG with me. I want to know what you are grateful for! 

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