Thursday, July 18, 2013

BALLOONING ACROSS MENTAL LANDSCAPES: Novelty of travel in Cappadocia provides different terrains

Hallelujah for perspective and for viewing our lives in a myriad of ways! Hallelujah for the foreign terrain that we confront both willingly and unwillingly as we venture forth courageously in what is ours to claim and proclaim!
CAPPADOCIAN ALIEN (photo by Tony Martin)
In June 2013 during our visit to Turkey, my darling Chiboogamoo (aka Tony Martin) and I were awakened every morning around 4:00 AM by the Muslim call to prayer. It was no different in Goreme. The plaintive voice echoing over the tips of Cappadocian hills made of sand-colored tuff caused Chiboogamoo to climb out of bed, grab his camera, and capture the hot air balloon adventurers rising along with the sun over the transfixing landscape that has been so terrifically altered by nature and humans over the centuries (see my previous blog on Cappadocia).
ALTERED PERSPECTIVES. Seeing is a way of BEING. For me, traveling is such a wonderful privilege. To have the opportunity to see such a foreign or "alien" terrain as the one that Cappadocia offers is life altering. Perhaps the change is not in the dramatic fashion that one witnesses in Hollywood movies, but the alteration is subtle and profound. Alien-scapes are ALTARS for celebrating the SOUL! I now "own" this Cappadocian terrain in my mind, heart, and body, thus making it available for SYMBOLIC use to understand the intangible!  (art by Hallelujah Truth)
DRIFTING THOUGHT (photo by Tony Martin)
What is the function of BEING AN ALIEN--or a stranger in a strange land? We access new thoughts, and like these Cappadocian hot air balloons, they float through our consciousness into a memory, a thought, a new symbol. Symbols embody meaning that is difficult to access if you have limited worldly experience. Therefore flying in high above or trekking through rocky Turkish landscapes in searing heat under blue skies anchors our perceptions to the concrete experiential senses.

SEEING old symbols in new contexts also enlivens! I have long been an admirer of the "evil eye," an amulet that protects its owner from misfortune.  Yet to the Cappadocian landscape through a tree draped in evil eye amulets thrilled me! I started seeing multiple hot air balloons drifting in a mini-Cappadocian landscape. I envisioned my thoughts drifting away like hot air balloons with the evil eye on each one!

TRANSPORTING THOUGHT. I, Hallelujah Truth, always start with the familiar, wherever I am, no matter what environment I inhabit. I begin with what I know in order to bridge the "difference" and what is "alien." Here is the SYMBOL I use to represent the masculine energy in my psyche. I love it that he wanted to ride in the carriage of the hot air balloon decorated with the visage of Hallelujah Truth! (art by Hallelujah Truth)
THE ORDINARY BECOMING THE PROFOUND. As each hot air balloon rose over the Cappadocian landscape, I felt a thrill run up and down my spine! Thought rising, another thought rising, releasing, moving, hovering over for me to view. These hot air balloons were just like meditation.Yet, it was alsofun to imagine the perspectives that the balloon riders were having as they rode in their individual balloons. Did they perceive me and Chiboogamoo photographing them? (photo by Tony Martin)
CAVE CHURCH ART.  I cannot help but make the connection of the hot air balloons in the Cappadocian sky to the heads of these saints as portrayed on the walls of the Cappadocian caves. Do you? (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
WHITE HAIRED JESUS. (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
MORE DRIFTING THOUGHT (photo by Tony Martin)

HALLELUJAH TRUTH wearing evil eyes! (photo by Tom Meyers)
Dear readers! Dear fellow SOUL PILGRIMS! That is Coffee with Hallelujah! Soul blog with me and tell me what your experiences are of journeying in alien-scapes, watching your thoughts with new perspectives, and wondering about other people's perspectives. My Chiboogamoo and I did not ride in a hot air balloon, primarily because of the expense, but we also felt we didn't need the actual experience of riding in a hot air balloon. Our imaginations are that rich! How about yours? Would you ride in the balloon?


  1. beautiful and exotic, would you think 2 weeks will do a visit to Turkey poetic justice?

    1. Thanks for your compliment Suizo! My Chiboogamoo and I had only two weeks but felt immersed and satisfied. Of course, if you could stay longer, that would be wonderful. Plan for three days in the Cappadocia region.

      Dropped by your blog and like the idea of "absorbing" environments that we inhabit. That is what this blog entry was about.

      Happy travels to you!

  2. To answer your question about alien landscapes...I'm in the Portland OR airport reading your blog, waiting for my flight first to Denver, then to Manchester NH and eventually after a 3-hr drive, back to Vermont for the rest of the summer. I'm in a semi-alien set of landscapes. Portland airport (PDX) is wonderfully traveler friendly...lots of outlets, free Wi-fi, 2 great local bookstores on site (Powells), at least 2 Starbucks, and water bottle filling stations at the gate to refill after having to empty the liquids at security in convenient liquid dumping "troughs".

  3. SEE SEE, leave it you find alien landscapes in airports! You are definitely correct about that! Having just returned from Turkey and many airports including one in Paris and one in Amsterdam, I know what you mean. I loved it that in Amsterdam, the airport had a library! Yes! Not a bookstore but a library.