Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ALLIGATOR DREAMING: Being invited to go deeper

ALLIGATOR DREAMING. Did the alligator dream me? (art by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for ALLIGATORS! Hallelujah for DREAMS! Hallelujah for ALLIGATOR DREAMING! Hallelujah for BEING in the PRESENT and following our inspirations that PROPEL us DEEPER into our SOULS!

Dear Pilgrims, I am slowly working my way through Gail McMeekin's book, The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women, and this morning I started chapter 2 entitled "Honoring Your Inspirations." Here is one of her questions that I wanted to respond to and connect to my Alligator Dreaming:

"Uniquely yours, inspirations invite you into the world of creative possibility. How do you respond when an inspiration beckons? Do you accept the invitation or discount it? By honoring a personal impulse and following where it leads, creativity is born."
HALLELUJAH DREAMING. Did I dream the alligator? (art by Hallelujah Truth)
Let me respond to these questions that McMeekin says gives birth to creativity:

QUESTION #1: How do you respond when an inspiration beckons? 
Because I have a daily creative practice (visit and join my Facebook group, THE DAILY CREATIVE PRACTICE), I strive to record my inspirations each day either by drawing or writing. Each morning, I go to the table to confront an empty bowl and wait for it to fill with visions. Some times the bowl is overflowing before I arrive. 

QUESTION #2: Do you accept the invitation or discount it?
Part of THE DAILY CREATIVE PRACTICE is accepting "the invitation" to be creative. It is through the practice of saying a resounding YES (see this blog) each day to inspirations that all kinds of visions, ideas, and dreams continue to "fill my bowl."

Discounting Inspiration leads to a deprivation in my creativity. Refusing to eat from the "bowl" results in less BEING in the "bowl." Herein lies the MAGIC of our creativity. Use it up and it will be replenished. Ignore it, waste it, walk away from the table, and the "bowl" becomes empty.

Hence I am glad to have this opportunity to contemplate my ALLIGATOR DREAMING depicted in this image below:
ALLIGATOR AND HALLELUJAH DREAMING. Today, I have honored my dream by drawing and painting it. In turn, the "energy" of the dream is released and I empowered, moving along in my life with the affirming certainty of knowing who I am. How about you? (art by Hallelujah Truth)
The ALLIGATOR has long been one of my animal totems, coming to me in a DREAM many years ago as a needy infant needing my care. I embrace the interpretation that Ted Andrews gives to this powerful animal of the earth and water in his book, Animal Speak. Here is the prognosis from Ted Andrews that I'm going to adhere to for understanding my dream:

"If the alligator or crocodile has shown up, look for an opportunity to touch very primal energies. There is going to be an opportunity for strong birth and/or initiation that will open new knowledge and wisdom in some area of your life."

THE DREAM. In my dream, a young boy dove into an alligator pond covered with water lilies, unaware of the multitudes of alligators lurking underneath the surface. I watched as one small alligator swallowed him and then was swallowed by a larger alligator. My dear husband woke me from this dream since I was calling out for help.

What does this ALLIGATOR DREAMING mean? How can I understand it to go deeper into my SOUL? 

I know that the small boy represents my "animus" or the masculine part of my psyche and the alligator is my feminine nature. 

I also know that as I seek a new way of BEING that I feel some confusion in how to "map out" my future actions.

It is possible that my ALLIGATOR DREAM is reminding me that I have a veritable pond of full of feminine energy and creativity (alligators) that can be used in my "mapping."

It is also possible that the young boy knew exactly what he was doing when he dived into the alligator pond and that he is "inside" the feminine, nurturing it with his clear direction and youthfulness. He is the great primal sacrifice, dying so that new life can be born!

That's Coffee with Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me and share how you are going to follow your inspirations, listen to your dreams and go deeper.


  1. Wow Ruth, I would love to have that book. Your dream was very powerful but sure left you with some questions though I love the art it seems to have brought forth. Will belooking forward to more on this dream and art...Darlene

    1. I recommend getting the book Animal Speak. It expands the way we think about animals in relation to who we are.

  2. I love the way the wallaby is embracing you, and seems to be giving you a kiss.
    Such a tender image below the creativity of the alligator.

    1. SEE SEE...what a key element to our creativity! Tenderness! Thank you for witnessing that!