Friday, April 11, 2014

Pursuing the theology of self-indulgence in Asheville

100 Biltmore Street is a boarding house that rents out rooms through AirBNB--my choice while staying in Asheville for a weekend of InterPlay.

A charming bedroom greeted me, replete with fridge, sink, dishes, closet, desk, chairs, 3 lamps, and a comfortable bed. Outside my room is a microwave, porch, three bathrooms, and a kitchen downstairs.

Residents of 100 Biltmore greeted me when I arrived and shared their life stories with me while I waited to be checked in.

Asheville in April is welcoming both in weather and sites to see. This view is just around the corner from 100 Biltmore.

And there is public art...Asheville is a delightful place to pursue the theology of self-indulgence. Stay tuned to find out what that is.

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  1. What a lovely self indulgence weekend you are having Ruth...Enjoy every moment of it...