Monday, June 9, 2014

METAPHORIC OBJECTS: The subconcious encounters the concious through exercise to discover self

METAPHORIC OBJECTS. What objects would you select to represent your character traits, especially if you were directed to pick them randomly without a lot of thought? These are mine. What do they mean? Let's explore and think inventively! (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for encountering oneself anew in a fresh way! Hallelujah for being guided to discover what you want to say about yourself today through image and word to others. Hallelujah for communication and for a warm social online community! Hallelujah for Facebook and my group, The Daily Creative Practice (join us here) that allows us to share our images, ideas, and discoveries!

This blog entry is a response to Monday Funday Blog Prompt on the Facebook group, The Daily Creative Practice (see complete prompt below)

To participate in this creative encounter designed by artist, lecturer, author Peter London, I first picked the objects before I determined the character traits (a reverse of the assignment). Deciding it is much better to try than to choke and not perform, I lowered the bar and confined my explorations to my courtyard. Quickly gathering objects without thinking. Now upon writing the blog, I have named a constellation of character traits and then asked the objects to represent them. Please look and read!
  • I am a PILGRIM on a JOURNEY; therefore, I am curious and in perpetual motion (except when I am in complete collapsed exhaustion).
THE SPIRAL. (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
  • As a VISUAL and KINESTHETIC learner, images announce themselves meaningfully to me every where I go.
  • Experiencing  MEANING throughout my body is essential to my happiness.
PRIMAL QUEEN. (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
  • I TREASURE connections with other PILGRIMS experiencing and expressing meaning.
  • Imagined STRUCTURE provides me with comfort and peace.
VULNERABILITY AT THE CROSSROADS. (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
  • INTROSPECTION and reliance on INTUITION is my major modus operandi.
I chose the patio of the courtyard in front of my condo in Decatur, Georgia, USA. The morning light was gentle and overcast making the tiles an expressive mossy green and pink. The arrangement was random yet took a few negotiations to find momentary permanence for this photograph: 
THE ARRANGEMENT OF METAPHORIC OBJECTS. Voila! Here are my metaphoric objects reclining on the pink tiles of my condo patio. The whelk shell from a Georgia barrier island at the center! (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
Here is an explanation of my "Metaphoric Objects." The center of this SELF composition is the shell spiral--MY PILGRIM'S HOME. 

Tumbling in the GREAT SEA, my journey enlarges me, enlarges my HOME. As I grow, I repeatedly encounter crossroads as expressed by the colorful cross here in this image. There in the center of the compass, I feel invited to adventure in multiple directions. Having choices is important to me. 

The delicate red petals of the New Guinea Impatiens represents how ephemeral we all are. We must live today for tomorrow we die. I've made brave courageous choices in my life to leave what is familiar in order to encounter what is not.

The PRIMAL QUEEN, a frog with a crown, holds me to my most basic concept of self. Out of the primordial ooze we came and to that muddy blessedness we shall return. What might happen inbetween my origin and its finish?

The painted rock with the ocean wave spiral reminds me of the Daniel Dolphin story. I believe either my sister-in-law Liz or her daughter, my niece, Bridget, painted it. Anyways, Daniel Dolphin left his family group of dolphins to go in search of the perfect wave, a goal his society disapproves of. Why waste time surfing? Besides, no dolphin has survived once it has left home. On Daniel Dolphin's quest, he does indeed find the perfect wave, but more importantly than that, he finds that the universe supports his journey. Help and support arrive in surprising ways just when he needs it. Daniel returns to his covy of dolphins alive and shares his story of bravery, fulfillment, and discovery with them, that in turn enlivens his community by encouraging other dolphins to nurture and pursue their dreams. Individuals doing their solo dances in the midst of ensembles enriches our communities. (read my blog about Daniel the Dolphin here)

Finally the broken gargoyle who is hugging his knees, represents me at my common denominator. I am an introspecting mulling introvert who has learned to speak and dance in her community. The warm metallic necklace surrounding this gargoyle protects and celebrates my right to introspect. When I need to huddle in thought and retrieve my energy, I gloriously allow myself to do so.

MONDAY FUNDAY BLOG PROMPT #11:  METAPHORIC OBJECTS (modified from PeterLondon’s book “No More Secondhand Art”):
 1) Think of a constellation of character traits that make you who you are whether it is a quality like patience or impatience or a proclivity for eating oysters and admiring cephalopods. Write them down. Explore. Surprise yourself.

2) Being present to these thoughts of yourself, wander about your home environment, inside, outside, and around your neighborhood. Be on the lookout for objects that represent these character traits in some way. Meander without determination. Be open to what object speaks to you. Wait for the appropriate object to appear. Again, allow yourself to be surprised. Perhaps the object will pick you! Choose 6 to 12 objects. 
 3) Find a site to place your objects. Think about the quality of light, space, and background. What resonates with your body as you move from place to place. Find the place that is just right for whatever reasons. 

EMBODIED HALLELUJAH TRUTH  (photo by Chiboogamoo)
4) Arrange your objects within the space you have just found. Ask yourself how you want to arrange these objects. Have the goal be whatever makes you breathe easier and relaxes your muscles. Find a way to place your metaphoric objects in whatever way that expresses yourself naturally. 

5) The culmination of this creative exercise is this next step: Acknowledging that your subconscious has been at work selecting the metaphoric objects, choosing the space, and making the arrangement, you are now asked to summon your rational dimension. Using your intellect, write about the meanings of your objects, their arrangements, and why they exist in this space that you have chosen. 

You are welcome to complete as many steps of this exercise as you like. (post on Facebook group, The Daily Creative Practice)


  1. Yay!!! A frog with a crown and a broken gargoyle, how perfect! Your metaphoric self resonates with me. A big "Yes!!" Up from the ooze, my dear, always protecting your inner gargoyle, up from the ooze. I truly enjoyed meeting your metaphoric self. Hallelujah!!!

    1. You are so warm and loving Special Needs Cat! I appreciate your visiting me here at my place of introspection.

  2. It's very interesting what objects people surround themselves with. I have the same Gargoyle but a bit newer and it sits on top of my antique sideboard(now used as a dresser), and I have it facing out towards the viewer. It is an unnamed guardian but it is with me as I sleep.

    Other objects I seem to gravitate towards are various rocks...all kinds of rocks...from river rocks which are smooth and most round, to chunks of rock I get off of the side of a highway. I dig for gems on occasion and do find a few. I do rock stackings around my house just because it pleases me and my searching eye.

    Books, marbles and flowers are a few more things(objects), I surround myself with. Old second hand furniture, I know, a bit big but still yet...objects. Some pottery and mouth blown glass for a bit of visual equilibrium as well.

    The objects sooth me...create familiarity of my humble surroundings and be noted that they can go away at any second. I see them, they see me...we share. They humble me in strange ways and for some odd reason make me aware of myself and my being here on Earth and part of the shared Universe.

    Hallelujah for them...for they will become a part of you......beautifully written, great observations and insights!!!

    1. Objects soothing! Oh yes Andrew! I am so happy that we share the introspecting gargoyle at different stages of newness. Thank you so much for sharing your creative being with me here on my blog! Hallelujah for your big big precious heart that celebrates peace!