Friday, September 5, 2014

ARTICULATED SOUL: New land for a new day, experiencing boy energy

DREAMTIME HALLELUJAH JOURNEYS. (all art by Hallelujah Truth)    
Hallelujah for speaking! Speaking in words! Speaking in image! Speaking to each other, certain or uncertain, we speak... And in speaking, we travel into old or new lands. Recently I began to travel and would like to share one small aspect about my experience...

Travel begins with an invitation... 

Would you like 
some coffee?

Travel depends of your engagement with the environment... 

Humus is rich organic material,
and worms wait for 
your fingers 

Travel introduces "otherness."

You, with your boy energy,
how hot will it 
before I understand
the maturity
behind your 

That's Coffee With Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me. You are invited to articulate your SOUL.


  1. Wow! You may be "feeling crazy," but dang! This is so rich. So thrilled you're experimenting. Your words enhance your images in truly poetic ways. I wish I understood where this sourced from, but because I don't know that, I'm taking it as is. "...and worms wait for your fingers..." such compelling imagery, all I can say is "Wow!"

  2. Thank you for your encouragement Trish. You are, in part, responsible for me adding words. I'm curious. What do you mean, "where this is sourced from"?

  3. "Boy energy" is it internal to you or an external influence? As I read and re-read this (yes, I'm very intrigued by this post) I interpret it differently depending on the source of the "boy energy". If it sources internally, then it reads as your masculine side trying to assert itself, perhaps in conflict or at odds with your feminine side and your whole self trying to become one with its individual parts. If the "boy energy" is an external influence then this reads more about death and sex. Perhaps I'm misinterpreting. That's the trouble with "personal" art, it opens itself up to misinterpretation or having others project themselves into it.

  4. The first and simplest answer is "boy energy" is both internal and external. I understand the masculine part of my psyche by getting acquainted with real life boys here on this Earth. Earth, in this case, humus, is feminine to me. Integrating "Wandjina" through his play with worms in the nutrient rich soil can only lead to fertility. Real life knowledge being used to cultivate the soul. Soil for the Soul, you might say.

  5. Your response makes your blog all the more compelling. Figured the humus was feminine. There's a sensuality to this post, not sure if it was intended, but it's there in your word choices. Either that or I'm projecting...

  6. Special Needs Cat! Let's celebrate the fertility of our psyches! I appreciate your sensitivities!