Friday, October 24, 2014

BURYING AND PLANTING: Growing my purpose in the rich soil of my soul

The culmination of 
one love, 
one dream, 
one self, 
is the anonymous seed 
of the next.  
--Mark Nepo

Hallelujah for creativity! Hallelujah for change! Hallelujah to putting to rest that which has lived its course. Hallelujah to burying seeds in the rich soil of our souls to see what might grow. 

One of my favorite inspirational writers is Mark Nepo, and I have gained so much soul nourishment from The Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have. In his entry, titled "Burying and Planting," he writes:

"There is always grief for what is lost and always surprise at what is to be born. But much of our pain in living comes from wearing a dead and useless skin, refusing to put it to rest, or from burying such things with the intent of hiding them rather then relinquishing them."

As a 56-year-old artist, blogger, InterPlayer, fluency instructor, in the prime of my life, and in the second year of having left my secure position as an ESL instructor at the Georgia Tech Language Institute, I ask myself, these questions:

What am I holding onto from my career with the Language Institute that is no longer serving me in the new roles I have crafted for myself? 

What do I need to release, peel off, shed, and bury from this former life? 

What seeds remain in my present BEING waiting to be sown, watered, and fertilized?

I feel a hunger for finding, naming, and living my PURPOSE. Cynthia Winton-Henry in her role as the curator of "Mystic Tech," has helped me understand the distinction between a "calling" and a life "purpose." However, that is something that I will discuss in another blog entry. 

For now, I will honor this moment in my life. I am burying and planting a part of myself in order to grow my purpose in the rich soil of my soul. Will you join me?
"We live, 
we embrace, 
and put to rest our dearest things, 
including how we see ourselves, 
so we can resurrect our lives anew." 
--Mark Nepo

That's Coffee with Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me. What are you burying and planting today so that you may continue to grow? 


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  1. I always enjoy reading your blogs, but unfortunately one of the things in me that refuses to be buried is my family's warped sense of humor. Every time I see the phrase "Will you join me?" I immediately think of my grandfather's response..."Why? are you coming apart?" But Yes!!! I will join you, because I too am in my prime and am ready to shed my skin, to exfoliate into a more expansive self. So three cheers to you! Enjoy your resurrection. I suspect you will rise like a phoenix. I don't have any cartoon cheerleaders to send but if I did they'd be one their way to you. Also, really like the images you've made to accompany this blog.