Monday, April 18, 2016

THE MUCH-LOVED SEED: Hallelujah steps back into the coaching community of ACN

ARTIST CONFERENCE NETWORK and HALLELUJAH TRUTH. This is the front page of my new Artist Conference Network notebook. During the April 16-17 Atlanta ACN weekend, I used the time sitting to honor and decorate this page with my new vision, "I'm the Tribal Orgasm." (art (c) by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for communities and the opportunity to be "The Much-Loved Seed" within these communties. This past April weekend 2016, I rejoined the Atlanta Artist Conference Network, a coaching community for the arts (see more HERE) and took a stand to be "The Much-Loved Seed."
THE MUCH LOVED-SEED. In the magical language of ACN, through a coaching process of telling familiar stories in a pyschological domain and then stepping out of that familiar domain to make observations, I created a new way of being based on nothing. I am THE MUCH-LOVED SEED. This image expresses the love I envision receiving as I put myself and my art out in the world. (Art (c) by Hallelujah Truth) 
ACN national board member, Kristen Anacker led us in establishing visions, goals and breakthroughs in a cottage office space in Mulberry Fields Community Garden in Candler Park on two sunny spring days. For me, it was a pleasure to return to such a clear coaching structure and the creation of a new vision to guide my work.
ACN FACILITATOR KRISTEN ANACKER. In this photo, Kristen explains the process of breakthrough coaching. (photo by Hallelujah Truth, aka Ruth Schowalter)

I might be tweaking this bold racy vision in the weeks to come: "I'm the tribal orgasm." But for now, it captures aspects of my life that fill me with enthusiasm while in the company of those who support me. Here are are a few of the passions I listed: 

-smelling garlic frying in olive oil, 

-cutting basil and parsley in garden, 

-touching velvety leaves and 

-feeling my feet touch the ground as I dance

-hearing the wind in the trees

-and the sound of my husband's voice...

You begin to see aspects of my vision--my senses are amplified when witnessed by my community(ies)--or tribe(s).
I feel enlivened to have a year-long goal. Having committed to creating 24 events to speak "publicly" about my artwork and services, the quarterly-goal-clock of designing 6 of them has already started ticking. WOW!
Stay tuned, as I experiment with articulating who I am and what it is I do. I will appreciate your feedback and support. That's Coffee With Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me tell me what your vision is and what your goal (s) for this year is. 
Hallelujah Truth with Kristen Anacker. Thank you Kristen and the Atlanta ACN group for all that you do to be a coaching community. (photo by Stell Simonton)


  1. I have such admiration for you Ruth...You are my role model and inspire me...Much love to you...

    1. Darlene! I am always delighted when you visit my blog! Thank you for your warm compliment. I am so glad I can inspire you since all your vast art making WOWs me!

  2. I am the fire on the next mountain.
    Overjoyed to have you back, Ruth!
    Thanks for the sharing the weekend with me from a distance. Love you! Marianne

    1. Dear Fire on the Next Mountain! I feel your heat and definitely see your smoke signals! Thanks for the breakthrough coaching you did by phone.