Sunday, September 27, 2009


Please meet Hallelujah in her "first form" as she appeared to me this past August as I was working on my quarterly goal of "Joyful Catnapping."''

I found Hallelujah peering from another dimension. She is looking into the PILGRIMAGE from my former life. During the summer, I was working on uprooting myself from being stuck. I was adoringly stuck on old ways of thinking, familiar but unproductive ways of getting things done, and sporting a sour attitude. I was afraid of changing. Stuck.

Artistically, several things are going on for me here. First, I am experimenting with a fairly new media for me. After almost 20 years of painting with acrylic and latex paints on wood boards, I have recently been working on paper with archival pens, gouache, water color pencils, water color crayons, markers, and paint pens.  It was also new for me to cut out paper, paint it, and sew it on to the primary image. Then I relied on acrylics and glitter to "finish" whatever felt left undone. 

Second, along with experimenting with how I could use this new media, I have also been patiently asking new iconography to appear for me. I wanted shapes and forms to help me SEE who I am. PEERING into myself, I have been asking once again that lifelong question: "WHO AM I?"

I expected my images to answer me. 

In two paintings that preceded this "Hallelujah Sees," I wrote the words: "I SEE." I experimented with drawing the vine with leaves to show "growth." It was in this Halleluhah image that I succeeded in expressing: THE FEELING OF GROWING THROUGH SEEING. (Sorry because of the limitations of my scanner, this is a portion of the original painting.)

The BIG question I ask of myself is: "What do I see?" I see that the time has come for me to MOVE emotionally and intellectually. We all have these fantastic moments in our lives when it benefits us greatly to alter our ways of being. 

THIS SEEING QUEST IS MY JOURNEY. I will look about and truly try to take in what is appearing to me. I will listen and strive to hear what is being said. 

That's it for tonight. Thanks for having coffee with Hallelujah!

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