Saturday, September 26, 2009


Welcome to my blog, "Coffee With Hallelujah." Will you join me in a discussion of my pilgrimage and yours? Are we artists only when we engage in our art making? Or can we create lives that are filled with surprise and imagination? Can we keep discovering ourselves and those around us as we grow old?

The idea for this blog originated last week. As an artist who sets quarterly goals, I was wrapping up my goal of "Joyful Catnapping." Instead of striving to achieve a numerical goal, such as 10 paintings, 1 website, or completed illustrations for a children's book, I had decided to experience joy each morning as I sat down to create "art." I had decided to "see" what would happen. 

It was with great delight that I expanded my vision of the world, and from it emerged another self: I introduce you to HALLELUJAH! This is my more fluid self, one who truly is ready to go into the unknown. 

I enjoyed 12 weeks of drawing with Hallelujah, and I felt disheartened when our time ran out last week. At that moment, I found myself at the center of a "Little Five Points." Here in Atlanta, where I live and work, there are junctures where five roads come together in one place, and they are called "five points." 

Well, this image came to my mind of ME, serious dogmatic visionary RuthTruth, standing in the center of "five points," a beautifully configured star. Each arm of the star represented an artistic job or duty I was feeling I needed to do. I envisioned a locomotive expressing me away from my center place with Hallelujah. I felt my joyful catnapping fade and anxiety simmer. There is just too much to do! Where do I start?

Then I had an epiphany! A shooting star, Hallelujah! I would arise from my bed, and I would know that FIRST--before anything else--I would have Coffee With Hallelujah. I would honor myself and the joy I experience when I ask: What can I discover today? Only then, would I EXPRESS myself to the task at hand, and I would bring Hallelujah with me. 

We would do our work together joyfully and integrated. I would find a new way to accomplish my work, like a cat napping!

Join me. Join Hallelujah. Where are you in your life? What is your journey? Call forth your art.


  1. In Aboriginal mythology, the Wondjina (or wandjina) were cloud and rain spirits who, during the Dream time, painted their images (as humans but without mouths) on cave walls. It has been said if they had mouths, the rain would never cease. They also lacked limbs and had a skull-like face. Their ghosts still exist in small ponds.
    Walaganda, ONE of the Wondjina, became the Milky Way. Paintings of this style that represent the mythological beings involved in the creation of the world are called "Wondjina style". Incidentally this, as I have said before, in different ways, represents your art.
    The Wandjinas have common colours of black, red and yellow on a white background. Wandjinas are believed to have made the sea, the earth and all its inhabitants. The existing rock art found, has depicted them as having huge upper bodies and large heads. Their faces show eyes and nose, but typically lack mouths. Around the heads of Wandjinas there appears to be lightning and feathers. The Wandjina is thought to have special powers and if offended, can cause flooding and intense lightning. The paintings are still believed to have special powers and therefore are to be approached cautiously.
    Seems like you might have upset them (not singularly) due to the recent flooding in Atlanta! I have always been a spiritual soul but I am aware also of the western tendency to pick and mix with various beliefs and that seems to me wrong.
    Animism is an interesting but ultimately to me flawed belief as are all the other beliefs....mankind and womankind have always searched for meaning and I hear you speak of modern concepts at the same indigenous Australians’ set goals ...I think not.
    I have always been an existentialist since reading Sartre at Grammar (High) School but have also have toyed with many other beliefs and can take mass at a Catholic church to name just one.
    It comes down to `I exist therefore I am` (Cognito Ergo Sum: Descartes) and everyone else exists WHEN they interface with my life..hence this missal.
    Art is dead long live Art

  2. Hallelujah is PLEASED to have such a thoughtful and well informed response to her post! Thank you Armaguessin for your sincere and heartfelt response. Hallelujah is also satisfied that you provided more information about the Aboriginal creation God, Wandjina! Thank you!

    As an artist, I was hesitant to invite Wandjina into my paintings out of respect for this God's powerful presence in Aboriginal spirituality. Is it wrong Armaguessin to integrate world religions into our singular cultural beliefs? Is it disrespectful to use the icons of others' beliefs? Do we as artists have permission to borrow powerful imagery and make it our own?

    Hallelujah thanks you for your interface and our mutual existence making. LONG LIVE ARMAGUESSIN