Wednesday, October 7, 2009


If it’s not ONE thing, it’s ANOTHER! Or BOTH!

I entertain dualities--dualities of light and dark,

known and unknown,

male and female,

action and intuition,

 reality and imagination...

graded papers and ungraded papers!

Painting these perceptions in image, color, dot and pen gives me the opportunity to see these opposing energies existing simultaneously. I have created shimmering worldly documents--paintings--which attest to the life of my vibrant inner world.

Viewing my images causes me to catch my breath. 

For a moment I am breathless. Can OPPOSING ENERGIES marry happily ever after, UNITING, DELIGHTING, TRANSFORMING, and DIRECTING?

As a PILGRIM,  I honor the PATHWAY to SELF KNOWLEDGE. Here in this painting I recognize the thesis, the antithesis, and AHHHHHHHHHH—the SYNTHESIS.

As a SOJOURNER, I ask as I INTEGRATE pieces of myself,  “WHAT NOW?”

For NOW, I will paint, discover, and blog.

That’s Coffee with Hallelujah. Tell me about your Pilgrimage and experience with opposing ideas. Do you entertain them like dueling houseguests? Do you find integration or resolution?


  1. I love the site and hoping that I can follow it.

  2. Dear Karen, thanks for becoming one of my followers! I look forward to us sharing ideas about our spiritual paths and learning from one another. Hugs, Hallelujah!

  3. Dearest Hal,
    May I call you Hal? Yes, I'm on a journey that seems to be about heart and mind and seeing clearly. It's got more parts to it than dualities. Art is the vehicle, and the process may be everything. I hope not. I'd like more than just satisfaction with the trip.
    I'm seeking some sort of wild life, transformation, and an enlightened dissolution of self further on down the road.

  4. Dearest Cecelia, it is a pleasure to welcome you as a fellow sojourner. How kind you are to find a nickname for Hallelujah. Hal is especially appreciated since I just met a Hal this past weekend. He has spent many years of his life searching for tektite, a rocky material resembling obsidian which is not from this earth. Two hypotheses propose that tektite is either from volcanic eruptions on the moon or from meteorites crashing into the earth. Hal's fascination with the black glassy rock results from its mysterious origin and presence here amongst us terrestrials. His search connects him with the GREAT MYSTERY.

    Hallelujah (Hal for you) agrees with you that life consists more of than DUALITIES! You make an excellent point that it has many parts. What happens when, like the deconstructionists, we collapse the opposing forces? Do we get CHAOS or POSSIBILITY, and MORE?

    Hallelujah would also like the JOURNEY of the HEART and MIND to present TRANSFORMATION. What wonderful words you offer us--"wild life transformation, and an enlightened dissolution of self"! Hallelujah would like the possibility of becoming a salamander, a cloud or the color red.

    Thank you CECE for your response and company on our shared PILGRIMAGE. ART is an amazing vehicle to ride in! WHEEEEEEEEEEEE

  5. Aa-ha! I figured out how to continue with our dialog. I'm learning the language of blog!
    This morning I meditated on the jingle: "Knock Knock"..."Who's there", said the person inside?
    "It's me", said the person outside while looking at my image in a mirror. It was actually a little scarey watching my eyes blinking back at "me".

  6. Dear SEE (may I call you that affectionately?) KNOCK KNOCK! What do you hear with me knocking and calling your name: SEE, SEE, SEE!

    Hallelujah understands that odd scarey feeling of split selves, of perceiving cracks and entry ways into multiple selves.

    Thank you for declaring your morning meditations! Hallelujah laughs in joy at your explorations!

  7. Yes, See-See is so appropriate to our discussion last night about The Gaze and my staring into the mirror.
    No thoughts today. I'm enjoying a delicious morning of blankness until 11:10 dental appointment. The world of form (dental in this case)always manages to shove itself into my musings!-Cecelia