Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hallelujah is posting a cherished photo of her Chiboogamoo.
He is yellow to my pink and water to
my fire!

Hallelujah especially likes this photo
because her little Chiboogamoo is brave enough to show his SENSITIVE side.

Also shown here are images taken at the Dinosaur Dreaming site at Inverloch
along the southern tip of Victoria, Australia.

You can see volunteer dinosaur bone hunters passing by Chiboogamoo as he sits upon fossil crayfish burrows from 115 million years ago. If you want more of an explanation about the importance of his findings concerning fossil crayfish burrows,
Hallelujah invites you to visit Chiboogamoo at his blog,,
where you can post him your questions. While you are visiting him, you can delight in his praise for the geologic record that he expresses in humorous and witty poetry.

Hallelujah appears at the far left in the photo of the three women equipped with a broom and yellow bucket, low-tech but important tools for clearing off sand covering significant fossil traces giving clues to the environment from millions of years ago.

Hallelujah for Hallelujah's husband! Hallelujah for being loved and being supported in uncountable ways on MY LIFE'S SOJOURN.

Hallelujah for journeys through time, knowledge, and companionship!

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