Wednesday, March 14, 2012


MORE FLOWER POWER MOUTHS. Speaking from the mind, heart, and soul! Art by Hallelujah Truth

Hallelujah Pilgrims! Interesting things happen when we are open to our CREATIVITY each and every day! Our brain, heart, soul (whatever you call it)  has a way of communicating with us when we open up a consistent WELCOMING SPACE in our lives. Making the WELCOMING SPACE is what this blog, Coffee with Hallelujah, is all about! If you have time to sit down with a morning drink whether it be coffee, tea, or orange juice, you have time to BE with yourself and to CREATE! Get your pencils, pens, or paints! BEGIN something NOW!

FROM MY HEART. Being present to what is within often brings surprises to me in the way an image is composed. What new element enters or what symbol re-emerges is also exciting! Here in this drawing, OWL returned! I love the way OWL arises out of me, Hallelujah Truth! My constant companion Wandjina is there at my heart center!

WELCOME OWL! (Blue Fire's owls will always speak to me!)

Each of us is UNIQUE and the expression of that UNIQUENESS is often startling and surprising. We have all heard these following phrases: Nothing we do is new. Anything we might create has been done before. We can only regurgitate what has come before! Ba-hum-bug, I declare! LIFE is a JOURNEY! We are PILGRIMS, and it is up to us to TRAVEL. In order to CREATE and summon what is YOURS UNIQUELY, you must depart from the KNOWN and go into the UNKNOWN. PERIOD
SNAKE, AN OLD FAMILIAR.  When I first started making art, I began with snakes that were occurring in my dreams. Snakes are wonderful symbols of renewal as they are constantly shedding their skin to make way for new growth. I also love the way snakes can be made into spirals, symbolizing for me an unfurling and unfolding infinity. We all can keep going deeper in our journeys of life!

KNOW THYSELF. Then get to KNOW THYSELF EVEN MORE! Go deeper and wider and farther! See what you can discover. This LIFE is YOURS! Claim it, own it, explore it, hold it, express it...and BE IT!

That's coffee with Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me about your JOURNEY and your 15 minutes of creativity every day!
WANDJINA SPEAKS TO ME. This aboriginal creation God speaks to me as I have embraced him to represent the masculine aspect of my psyche that Jung called the ANIMUS. Hallelujah for developing multi-perspectives of ourselves! Each of us is UNIQUE and can gather the known and unknown in the expression of our art!
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS:  Hallelujah Truth wishes to express sincere gratitude to her dear friend Edna Lorri Shipp, who took to heart our many discussions about daily creativity and began practicing it. Her clarity around this matter was expressed on Facebook, which then resulted in creating a Facebook group of 15 minutes of creativity every day! The number of participants who enrolled in it was and is inspiring! Clearly there is a need to express ourselves and to share in that process with others! Hallelujah! Thanks Edna Lorri Shipp!

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