Friday, March 9, 2012


FLOWER POWER MOUTH (art by Hallelujah Truth)

Hallelujah FELLOW PILGRIMS! Hallelujah for our INDIVIDUALITY and SAYING what we BELIEVE! Is that an easy process--SPEAKING HEART? HA-HA-HO-HO-HO (see more about Laughter Yoga)! I belly laugh, not mockingly, but with an appreciation for the challenge of speaking authentically. I am especially interested in what occurs in the JOURNEY of SPOKEN HEART--how one step leads to another step, and all of those steps accumulate into a distance deeper into SELF and an outward communication of that SELF to the WORLD!
COMMUNICATING SELF. Speaking from my belly--MIND and SOUL united!

In order to CREATE a pathway for my FLOWER POWER MOUTH JOURNEY, I have created a goal with the aide of my dear friend and creativity coach, Lesly Fredman. My chosen goal for myself right now is SOFTENING. In my quest to establish my own unique voice, I have long been curious about how to cultivate a deeper voice, a belly voice, one that resonates with ALL MY BEING! Years of recording my voice as an interviewer and then language instructor has made me very well aware of my high pitch strained voice. 

Along with Lesly's guidance I am having fun SOFTENING my shoulders, letting them fall down gracefully, departing from the heights where they are well acquainted with my ears! Breathing from the belly challenges all manner of my BEING! I want to lift my shoulders--instead, I am coached to hold my stomach and to let the gentler rise and fall of my abdomen BE the LIFE FORCE that informs my voice. Simultaneously, I am lengthening my body horizontally, with my shoulders expanding. It is there at my CENTER, that I have succeeded in creating a WELCOMING SPACE from which my deeper more AUTHENTIC voice can be generated!

IN MY BELLY. As I soften, relaxing into my being, I find a CREATIVE SPIRIT, both familiar and unknown.

So dear SOJOURNER, I am reorganizing my body and becoming more aware how my body communicates. I love that my SOUL "work" is to relax, soften, and stretch! I am expecting a SOUL SHIFT and then other exciting events and exchanges to occur! One step, leads to another, and the JOURNEY of the SOUL is so exciting! 

SOUL BLOG with me Hallelujah Truth, and tell me about your VOICE! Where are you on your journey of speaking authentically and from your belly? 

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  1. Interesting point of view to speak from the belly, rather than the head or heart. One of my goals is to speak truthfully, straightforwardly and simply. I sometimes meditate on breathing in elaborations of truth, or playing down truth in my life, and breathing out the idea of simply speaking. It's a Buddhist contemplation technique. Authentic voice is a multi-faceted concept. Stephen Colbert coined the word "Truthiness" to describe politician speak...a situation that one feels from the gut, without evidence, like the decision to invade Iraq (per Wikipedia). Your speaking from your belly, and politician from the gut are two different takes on speaking from deep down authenticity.