Monday, April 30, 2012


SOULING INTO PLANETHOOD.The SOUL is more a process, than a thing, so Jeffrey Kiehl calls this process "SOULING." (Art by Hallelujah Truth)

Hallelujah for the SOUL and for all of us SOULS healing the EARTH! But what exactly is a SOUL and what is it in relation to a cure for global warming resulting in droughts, flooding, disease, and famine? Jeffrey Kiehl, a professor of atmospheric science and a Jungian analyst, has answers to both questions!

He believes that first we humans need to do some "SOULING," and in this way we get in touch with the nature or animal in ourselves. By being in touch with our inner animal, we would do everything within our human power to preserve life--ALL OF LIFE!

Listening to Dr. Kiehl lecture last night (April 28, 2012) at the Jung Society of Atlanta on the topic, "Sustaining Earth, Sustaining Soul," I learned a new way of talking about the SOUL. And Dr. Kiehl's words resonated with what I already know:

  • a way of seeing deeply
  • a direct experience of one's interiority
  • an embracing of feelings and intuition
  • and a recognition of interdependence
SEEING ONE'S OWN PLANETHOOD YET RECOGNIZING INTERDEPENDENCE.  I have been playing with ways to deeply experience my feelings and intuition in that deep place of "interiority." As I celebrate my own independent "planethood," it is an interesting challenge to live my life in respectful relation to ALL OTHER ASPECTS OF LIFE. 

So PILGRIMS, the more we LIVE, truly live, embracing our total selves--not just our material needs, but our immaterial needs, the more we feel connected the EARTH. We resonate with the EARTH when we experience the leaf that touches our arm as we brush by a plant near a sidewalk. We resonate with the EARTH when we listen to the sound of a bird call out our office windows. We resonate with the EARTH when we feel the freshness of the early morning air on our faces as we walk to our cars. It is that mysterious resonance between our SOULS and NATURE, if we allow ourselves to feel it that will HEAL the EARTH. This resonance falls into the realm of what I call SPIRIT. Or we can now call it SOULING. Once we are SOULING with the EARTH, we will surely have to become HER caretaker because in doing so we will be taking care of OURSELVES.

That's Coffee with Hallelujah. What SOULING will you do today PILGRIMS? Soul Blog with me!
SOULING WITH NATURE AT KNOWLEDGE CREEK, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA 2009 (photo by Chiboogamoo,  Ichnologist and Husband Extraordinaire)

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  1. I often meditate on my back stoop in the early mornings. I've noticed a robin making a next in a nearby bush and sitting on her eggs for several weeks, and now a pair of rose breasted grosbeaks making a nest in a cedar. Slowing down and noticing the bushes shaking, listening to the bird calls seems to be souling in everyday life.