Thursday, January 17, 2013

PORTRAIT OF A CREATIVE PILGRIM: Plotting the conclusion of a 3-month goal

PORTRAIT OF A CREATIVE PILGRIM. In my arms (in this image), I embrace components of myself, Wandjina (my animus) and wallaby (my vulnerability). Great Mystery in the form of a woman in a burka hovers over me in the top right corner, always offering a welcoming hand. The snake (fertility, new beginnings, and transformation) embraces the Trinity of Hallelujah, Wandjina, and Wallaby. The flowers celebrate us, the truth! (art by the creative pilgrim, Hallelujah Truth)
In the beginning, there was the declaration of the 3-month Artist Conference Network Goal (ACN)--to create a "new" image every day of the 3 months and to continue working on all of the images until the end of the goal period...and choose a way to present the body of work created during this time frame.

So I began with this image of me, Hallelujah Truth, on mixed media paper 6 inches by 8 inches. For me, the crown I placed on my head in this drawing reminds me of a birthday cake, and in many ways that is what this image represents! A celebration of another "birth" day, another day to create something new!

Pilgrims, each day we have the opportunity to be "born" again to our CREATIVITY, our SOULS. And that is what this particular series of new drawings is all about: BEING PRESENT TO THE NOW!

Now, I have 3 more weeks to complete the 3-month goal period. Honestly, I am simultaneously fatigued and awakened by the work I have created from this process of daily SEEING MY SOUL. No matter how joyfully I try not to, I judge the images I draw as either good or bad, and the act of making judgements is exhausting. In order to stretch and grow, I continue to practice this mantra when reviewing my work: 


However, as a "practice" I am not always successful in silencing my mind from negative thoughts and harsh evaluations when I look at my art. Since my ambition in making my art is to LIVE MY LIFE FULLY and to EXPERIENCE MY SPIRIT, I need not strive for perfection of execution and excellence in color choice. I am not trying to please the VIEWER. I am not making my images to sell.

That all said, I have made as part of my  3-month goal to make my SOUL WORK available to BE VIEWED. How will I present this body of work, these images forged over the last three months to viewers so they will converse with me about their own BEINGS and CREATIVITY and be curious about mine? 

Let me invent three possible ways:

1. I can revisit the method of presentation that I used at the Curious Cup impromptu exhibit in Carpinteria, California. That is, string Christmas lights (representing the stars of the Hallelujah's Cosmos) and attach my images between the lights (stars). See this blog for my photos of the event.


2. It is possible that I can make a video from photos and scans of my art work and set it to music! I am unfamiliar with the technology to do this but would enjoy seeing my work "move" in a video! It would be simple to post a link to the video on Facebook and to embed it in my blog!

3. I can make copies of the images and randomly distribute them throughout Metro-Atlanta area, leaving them on the MARTA trains and in coffee shops. I can staple my art on telephone poles and tape them to car windows. I can stuff photo copies in envelops and mail them off.

Stay tuned PILGRIMS! For I will share my SOUL WORKS with you and how I decide to make them available to a wider public here in Atlanta. For now, I stand for BEING PURE LIGHT ILLUMINATING from the INTERNET (this blog) and the PAPER holding my images.

That's Coffee With Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me and tell me which way you think I should display my work.


  1. video. I made a video one of my 28 hole drawings in iphoto, but if I remember correctly I started by making a slide show in PowerPoint with transitions, hit a few buttons and it took me to iphoto where a Quick Time video was made that can be emailed or uploaded to YouTube. I'd be happy to help you figure it out. I couldn't believe I had done it so easily!