Tuesday, March 26, 2013

CAPTURING MOMENTS OF BEING: Glimpses of my Bahamian experience hotel and street walk

NASSAU, NEW PROVIDENCE BEACH. On my last day in the Bahamas, I made the effort to visit the beach, something BNNHC goers had not come to Nassau to do! The sun was warm and the breeze reviving after sitting in windowless session rooms (although the sessions were SO worthwhile). (photo by Hallelujah Truth, aka Ruth Schowalter)
SEEING IS BEING. When we awaken to our surroundings by looking and stepping on the ground with the measured delighted steps of an adventurer, we ARE ALIVE! Although I was in Nassau, New Providence, at the beginning of March 2013 for the First National Natural History Conference of the Bahamas, I PRACTICED looking around me to SEE what beckoned my SOUL!
FUNKY HOTEL. Thanks to friend Sandy Voegeli, we stayed at the small comfortable Towne Hotel in the center of Nassau, a five minute walk from the National Gallery and close to the beach. This clever hotel had lots of art and a bar frequented every night by locals! (photo by Hallelujah Truth, aka Ruth Schowalter)
QUAINT COURTYARD. Upon waking the first morning, I discovered that someone had knocked one of the potted plants into the pool! Sandy and I shared a room on the second floor on the left at the end of the balcony. My darling husband and I skyped every night after I had spent the day on the campus of  the College of the Bahamas. The visual experience was quaint and relaxing.(photo by Hallelujah Truth, aka Ruth Schowalter)

TOWNE HOTEL OWNER IS AN ART COLLECTOR! These images captured here are only a sampling of the numerous pieces of art that the Towne Hotel owner has filled the walls of his lobby, restaurant, and rooms with! It is an absolute visual delight to venture into this hotel and to take in the exciting colors of Bahamian art! (photo by Hallelujah Truth, aka Ruth Schowalter)
Dear Pilgrims! Beyond the walls of my hotel, were colorful buildings framed by flourishing flora and expansive blue sky! Here are a few snippets that my EYES saw and longed to record for you in this blog!

There you have it PILGRIMS! Thanking you for GAZING upon the images that capture and express a portion of my LIFE LIVED in Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas at the beginning of March 2013! That is Coffee With Hallelujah! What will you SEE today that you would like to share with me? What have you seen in these photos that CAPTURED your SOUL

SOUL BLOG with me here! I look forward to your comments! 
INTERSECTION WITH SKY AND SEA! (photo by Hallelujah Truth, aka Ruth Schowalter)

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