Sunday, August 25, 2013

AUGUST MOON 2013 (Day #5): YEARNING for the whole tree

THE WHOLE TREE. That's what I WANT. That's what I YEARN for. I want an integrated world of the seen and unseen--THE WHOLE TREE. This is a photo I took of a saw palmetto on the north shore of St. Catherine's Island, Georgia. How often have you seen an entire tree, roots and all? Look at the extensive root system of this palm as it is eroding out of the cliff. I like to think we are all this deep and developed below our surface appearances. To achieve PEACE, we need to unite the seen with the unseen.  (photo by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for DESIRE and where that DESIRE takes us! For day 5 of August Moon 2013, Kat and Meredith have asked this question:

Have you developed new yearnings so far this year? Let go of old ones?

Hmmm...Let's see...I have many YEARNINGS but will focus on one for the practicality of writing and posting this blog.

I YEARN for PEACE.  I YEARN for the kind of PEACE that expands and penetrates the roots of each individual's SOUL. I YEARN for a society in which everyone  is experiencing their own authenticity (their whole treeness). That each and every one of us feels clarity in our actions and that we are empowered enough to fulfill our dreams. It is then that the greater society is healed and renewed and PEACE is realized (we are a healthy maritime forest).

In my own cosmos of authenticity, I LONG to create a new way of being through my creativity and community. 

I'm stretching deep down into the roots of self and discovering, for one thing, that I WANT to make "comics" of the "Hallelujah Household." To pursue this LONGING, I am currently working my way through DRAWING WORDS AND WRITING PICTURES: A definitive course from concept to comic in 15 lessons
Stay tuned, I plan on posting some of my comics in upcoming blog posts.

In another of my reaching down below the surface to my roots, I touch my deep YEARNING to connect meaningfully with my community (microcosm reaching to macrocosm) through my artwork. Consequently, I YEARN to make a book about the American Oystercatcher with Jenifer Hilburn, a Georgia coast ornithologist. Our book will speak for this endangered species of birds because they cannot speak for themselves. They need us to know that climate change and our human activity among other things are bringing about their demise.
REALLY LOOKING AT BIRDS. On a recent visit to St. Catherine's Island, Jen Hilburn, an ornithologist, took me out to see shore birds in their natural environment. (photo by Hallelujah Truth)

Finally I LONG to become a better listener to my inner voice. I WANT to become a DREAM CATCHER and ENACTOR. I want to be THE WHOLE TREE!

That's Coffee With Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me and tell me what it is you yearn for! 
THE WHOLE TREE! How deep do you go into your self?  (photo by Hallelujah Truth)



  1. The whole tree. What a beautiful way of encapsulating what it is to yearn!

    1. Kat, I appreciate your giving me back "the whole tree." I am glad the metaphor works!

  2. I love trees, so this metaphor really resonates with me! I, too, yearn for a deeper union with all of life's layers both seen and unseen. Lovely post. ~Tui

  3. Tui, I am so glad we share this love for trees and the yearning for the whole tree for experiencing our lives.

  4. These whole tree images are inspiring. The tangle of roots in the last picture are the worker-bee guts of the part we see on the surface. We are all connected in this chain of being.

  5. "Worker-bee guts" Cecelia? What a wonderful phrase and image!