Wednesday, August 28, 2013

AUGUST MOON 2013 (Day #8): Letting go of past transgressions

For DAY #8 of AUGUST MOON 2013, Kat and Meredith ask:

What are three things you would like to let go of before the year is out? See if you can list three physical things and three emotional ones.
Well dear Readers, let's see how I can respond to this prompt in the way of the Spiritual Art Pilgrim that I am! The challenge is letting the prompt serve me and what I need right now. I'm not in school writing an essay for a grade. I am writing to SOUL BLOG and connect with like-minded SOULS like you, wherever you are!
If I could let go of the "accounting" that I keep of past transgressions against me and the accompanying emotions that piggyback "keeping track" of hurts, wrongs, and misdeeds, I would be one happy Hallelujah Truth! 

Please don't imagine me to be one who consciously keeps count. Oh no! Evidence of my bookkeeping occurs right in the middle of a conversation when I am least expecting it.

I think that I have understood the previous misunderstanding, violation, or hurt--and even entertained forgiving the transgressor and transgression and my role in the event.

But then, like a flashing billboard on New York's Time Square, I feel my emotions rise--beginning in the pit of my stomach, rising past my heart, and burning into my throat. Then my face starts sweating. I find myself manifesting strong feelings that had been abiding politely quiet and subconsciously until this inappropriate or ineffective moment.

I have to admit that confessing about this particular aspect of my character is slightly embarrassing. Still, I will continue!

I want to let go of the feeling that I'm the genesis, the one solely responsible for creating the flawed, broken-down relationships that exist in my life. Everyone engaged in the relationships plays their part in the failure or success of a relationship.

Until recently, hope has sprung eternal for me concerning all of my relationships. I really believed that every single one could be salvaged! And get this: ACCORDING to my "rules" and "understanding." I would like to let go of this particular form of hope--repairing hope. If a relationship is broken, perhaps it can't be fixed, or it needs to be given time, put to bed. And the "rules"--well, I get it! How about love in the place of "rules"?

Is another kind of hope acceptable? The Phoenix kind of hope?

Some times my body aches from the relationship losses that I have incurred in my life. Huge train wrecks of friendships and familial relationships. Recently, in addition to addressing these hurts "using my head," I have begun dancing and doing creative movement..."using my body" to free the hurt.

In Summary...?
In the prime of my life, transitioning from summer to fall, I would like to be open to this beautiful world, free to experience the joy that is apparent all around me.

That's Coffee with Hallelujah. SOUL BLOG with me and tell me what you would like to let go of this year, right now. 

Kat and Meredith included this activity in today's prompt. I might try it!
For bonus points: conduct a burning ceremony or release your secrets into nature by writing them onto leaves/stones and dropping them into the nearest river/ocean.


  1. I pretty much can relate to each and every part of this entry. It is a shame the things we do to ourselves...but I am confident my new year will be the best one of all and I am going to bet the new year will also be your best. Enjoy the journey. It is going to be a great one!

    1. Thanks for relating Darlene! You use the word "shame" and that is what I want to release! I am so glad to have you on this journey with me sharing!

  2. Your words sing. Such. a. Beautiful song!!

    Always grand to be here to listen....

    1. Julie! Thanks for giving me a new way to think about these blog entries! Musical words--songs! I appreciate your listening to me sing.