Saturday, January 18, 2014

BEING INITIATED STEP BY STEP: Stopping to acknowledge the success of incrementatlity in my life!

Hallelujah for being initiated into new ways of being! Hallelujah for monumental challenging tasks that give us pause to think about incrementality! Hallelujah for acknowledging the success of those incremental steps as we go about completing those huge projects!
A MONUMENTAL TASK APPEARS DAUNTING. Here I am pictured (left) with my Chiboogamoo (middle), and our friend, Chris Bean, at Whitespace, a gallery in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. We are standing in front of one of Amy Pleasant's large images exhibited in a new body of her work entitled "re/form." I'm using this particular image of Amy's to represent the BIG DAUNTING TASK in my life right now. When looking at a formidable project that we want to complete, we can be intimidated in ways that stall us. Then we are in need of a "do-able" approach--incrementality. (photo by Mark Bean)
Dear PILGRIMS! It is mid-January of 2014, and I find myself looking at the daunting task of re-inventing myself via self-employment and the monumental job of setting up a website to support my business as an English Language Coach, Creativity Consultant, and Artist and many other related pieces to the big pie of financial flourishing.

Time to embody my LOOMING GOAL in incremental steps! Didn't the Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu say "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"?
A SINGLE STEP.  Another one of Amy Pleasant's images represents my idea of a single incremental step. I was surprised and pleased to see this small image on the wall surrounded by vast amounts of space. This piece represented a small incremental step to me, especially when compared to the large image of Amy's shown above. (photo by Mark Bean)
So I began embodying the idea of an incremental step visually at Amy Pleasant's exhibit through her images. Then at home, I practiced an "incremental" dance while listening to music. Placing one foot carefully in front of the other, I moved across the living room. Then to another space in the room. I experienced traveling one step at a time, crisscrossing the room again and again! One step at a time, my body took in the information of how to move into and through monumental projects (Thank you InterPlay)! 

With regards to applying this idea of incrementality to the development of my business, I succeeded in dropping the domain name, for my website to  I ordered business cards for Ruth Schowalter as English Language Coach! 

The great thing about accomplishing work through incremental steps? You get to stop and celebrate your success! Hurray! I accomplished two incremental steps! Time to cheer myself on! Applause! Dance! Sigh! Big breath in and big breath out!

Then, there are other steps to take. One after another. I adore how Amy's work echoes my mental image of incrementality!
ONE STEP AT A TIME.  Still another one of Amy Pleasant's images develops and expresses this idea of incrementality for me. What's interesting is that Pleasant explains a piece like this as "enabling the exploration of hundreds of individual stories in a single piece." Just think about how each of our individual steps can have its own personality with specific characteristics and that we, in our own way, are creating an image like Amy's as we complete our projects! (screenshot taken from website Whitespace gallery)
That's Coffee with Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me and tell me what incremental steps you are taking towards completing your monumental projects!
THE CITY OF ATLANTA! This photo I took from the High Museum in Atlanta, reminds me of building blocks. A city is built one building at a time. My new way of earning a living will also be constructed similarly. (photo by Hallelujah Truth)


  1. Au contraire, ma chere; a journey of a thousand miles starts in Clifton Park.
    My new mantra. We hope to move at the end of April, and each place we are contemplating actually IS 1,000 miles from where we are now (Clifton Park, NY), LOL!

    1. Wishing you joy as you prepare for and engage in your journey of 1,000 miles Trece.

  2. I have always known life starts with one step at a time...I am glad you feel that you are making progress and look forward to seeing your business bloom as I know it will...Good to be back from my week (almost) of non stop art and to have you back blogging again...

    1. Thank you for the centering that you are providing in my life Darlene. I am so grateful for your support of my blossoming.