Sunday, November 23, 2014

GRATITUDE DAY #1: Hallelujah Your Truth Journey Companions

I AM A SOUL PILGRIM and SO ARE YOU! I am so excited to be here with you on this journey! I have been searching for you so we can HALLELUJAH OUR TRUTHS together. I am so grateful for your presence. Thank you! (art by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for eight days of GRATITUDE, extending from Sunday to Sunday, embracing the Thanksgiving holiday! Hallelujah for the JOURNEY that I am taking with all of you spiritual art companions and for soul blogging with you! Join my Facebook group, The Daily Creative Practice here, and join us in expressing our gratitude.

Today I am beginning my  GRATITUDE days with a big THANK YOU to YOU and for the way that YOU are "Hallelujahing your truth"! We are not alone dear creative souls! Thank you!

Here are only a few of the amazing and wonderful photos taken of YOU with my Hallelujah Your Truth stickers that I made from my art work and sent out to my fellow creative souls. Thank you for embracing my art, my truth and yours!
DARLENE SPERBER. Hallelujah for your presence in my life. You  are my first online friend who I met via Facebook. I treasure you and your creative life. Your deep expressive work touches me deeply. Your work is you. Thanks for being here in this world and for Hallellujahing your truth and mine so courageously! Love it that you put my sticker on your phone!
CHRISTINE GAUTREAUX and ME. Hallelujah for the abundant joy and love that you have brought into my life. Hallelujah for your big heart and expansive creativity that gets expressed in everything that you do including our InterPlay play, training, and teaching. You are such a treasure in my life. Thank you for being the creative soul and loving friend that you are!
DONNA FROMM. Welcome dear InterPlay friend! How vast the world is but how comforting to have found you via Facebook, via InterPlay, via Cynthia Winton-Henry! I love your creative soul and that you are sharing your colorful and playful life with me and others on the Daily Creative Practice! What more will I learn from you on this awesome creative journey? Hallelujah your Truth Donna! Thanks for wanting my Hallelujah Your Truth sticker!
JANICE LYNCH SCHUSTER.  Janice thank you for being such a wordsmith and lover of beauty. You speak your truth every day courageously. You amaze me with your energy and strength! Thank you for Hallelujahing your Truth with me. How awesome to have met you via Facebook in the Daily Creative Practice! In this vast random world, we creative sojourners find each other!
TRISH WEAVER. One amazing person is Trish Weaver, who has become such a central loving energy on the Daily Creativity Practice. You are Hallelujahing your truth without even knowing what it is. You create from the vastness of the unknown and wrap us all up in your vision and strength. Thank you!
I am so thankful for the many others who requested my "Hallelujah Your Truth" sticker and have posted photos of themselves on the Daily Creative Practice! Thank you! It is because of you that I am not alone. I love you!

That's Coffee with Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me and tell me what your creative journey is like! What are you grateful for today? Will you speak to me tomorrow? What is your TRUTH? Hallelujah your truth with me!
I AM SO THANKFUL FOR YOUR CREATIVE SOUL. Your presence means I am not alone. We are here together. (art by Hallelujah Truth)


  1. Yahooo for you Ruth, Hallelujah Truth, the Daily Creative Practice and our friendship!

    1. Thank you Christine for being such a treasured part of the Daily Creative Practice and owning your ARTIST self.