Thursday, November 20, 2014

MY COUNTRY: Hallelujahing my the BEING of my truth whatever

What is your deep knowing about YOUR HOME? (Art by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for those who are HOME wherever they are, whoever they ARE with, and whatever they ARE doing!

The "art of BEING" after all is such a great part of the journey in our BEING human. For me BEING...equals...HOME. And I keep wrestling with BEING HOME.
What is your "country of self"?

Perhaps, for some of you who have been following my ARTFUL SOJOURN, you have grown weary of my persistent search for an explanation or focal point of my BEING here--BEING HOME here on this magnificent beautiful Earth. 

But how would you answer this question for yourself?:

What is your "country of self"?  Your being? How does this "country of self" manifest itself in your every day life? Is the "country of self" a movement, a word or phrase, a color, an image, a sound, a thought...? 

Do we discover who we are through our education accompanied by life experience? Is the "country of self" discovered incrementally step by step from communal imitation to the emergence of something personal? Does imitating others in dance, poetry, image making or vocalizations lead us down the path to the creation of something that is uniquely ours?
Do we discover who we are through imitation?

I'm beginning to think that our individuality or the "country of self" is expressed more simply...just by BEING human...BEING in a body!

In each breath, we ARE there in the inhale and exhale! This "inspiration" IS uniquely ours. Wouldn't it be fun to create a document similar to the one each car owner possesses claiming proprietorship to my BODY SPIRIT--organs, muscles, bones, blood, heart, mind, soul and all that biologically, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally constitutes me--is that what we call a BIRTH CERTIFICATE or PASSPORT?
Inhaling and exhaling is my BEING

Over the past few years, I have been searching for the "country of myself" through my morning drawings, inviting my subconscious to reveal secrets from another less familiar dimension. Thinking I might build a relationship with my psyche and wander into archetypal realms connecting and blending with other people universally.

What is your deep knowing about YOUR HOME, your country of self? SOUL BLOG with Hallelujah and share your SOUL and what makes up the "country of yourself". 
I AM HALLELUJAHING MY TRUTH NOW. Whatever it IS. However I AM. I AM my country!

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: I am so thankful for the group members in my Facebook Group, The Daily Creative Practice (come join us here). This image was created for the first in a ten week series of "Art Therapy Thursdays." The assignment was to create a postcard you don't intend to send (here is the link to the Huffington Post art therapy article). I also am so thankful to Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter, co-founders of InterPlay, for their concept of the "body spirit," an idea that embraces all of our humanity. Thanks to my friends Christine Gautreaux, Callahan Pope McDonough, and Lesly Fredman who keep me connected to the Earth through their own honest journeys. Big love to my husband and boon companion Chiboogamoo for his stillness and humor.


  1. I think asking yourself what is "country of self" is like asking who am I and what is my purpose in this lifetime? I am still seeking the answers to all of your questions so I guess that makes me a seeker. I am seeking the meaning of soul, heart and mind through art...through learning, sharing and teaching what I have learned each day in my everyday life...Seeking my reason for being...I wrote this poem 11 years ago and I think it sort of answers the qquestion of the who what and why of 'me'.


    If I am allowed only one freedom, let it be freedom of thought;
    for then I will never be in bondage.

    If I am allowed only one teacher, let him be wise;
    for with wisdom all things are possible.

    If I am allowed only one feeling, let it be love;
    for then I too will be loved.

    If I am allowed only one companion, let him have compassion;
    for then I will learn to be compassionate.

    If I am allowed only one vision, let it be a rainbow;
    for then I will know the glory of all Gods colors.

    If I am allowed only one touch, let it be that of a baby;
    for then I will know life goes on.

    If I am allowed only one gift, let it be a book;
    for then I will have the knowledge of others.

    If I am allowed only one weapon, let it be words;
    for they are the most powerful instrument on earth.

    If I am allowed only one smell, let it be the earth after a rainfall;
    for then I will know there is a place for me.

    If I am allowed only one sound, let it be a bird singing;
    for then I will know life is beautiful.

    If I am allowed only one hatred, let it be of ignorance;
    for then we will all be equal.

    If I am allowed only one desire, let it be to pass on what I have learned;
    for then I will know why I am here.

    1. Dearest Darlene, thank you so much for sharing your soul poem with me.... Our journey exists as long as we live...isn't that right? How wonderful to be on this path with you through art and thought.