Thursday, November 10, 2016

GRATITUDE Day #4: Hold the bone, envision the dolphin

HOLD THE BONE, ENVISION THE DOLPHIN. I am grateful to be connected to all of creation, including you! This dolphin vertebrae expands my experience of being here on this Earth, to times I felt more secure and content. This joyful sense of abundance is always present waiting to be summoned by us all through our own symbols.
Hallelujah for celebrating our lives through the lens of  GRATITUDE! Hallelujah for all of you on the Daily Creative Practice and those of you visiting this blog BEING PRESENT to the good. Hallelujah for our beautiful Mother Earth and all of her CREATIONS.

Today, I am grounding myself in Mother Earth. As I rose from bed this morning, I planted my feet on the ground and kneaded them heel-to-toe several times, experiencing the sinews of my calf muscles stretching and connecting me to bone. It felt good to feel the weight of my body and the heft of gravity pulling me downward. Then off I journeyed to the YMCA with my husband Chiboogamoo to exercise this wonderful miracle of my body, which let me know that I needed to release its tension from the dismaying results of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections.

Outside it was dark, but I could see the silhouettes of trees swaying in the breeze often accompanied by the rising sun. The leaves from the oak tree cascaded down around us as we climbed into the car. The workout at the gym filled my body, mind, heart, and spirit with ease and inspiration!

I felt a strong urge to open the pages of Mark Nepo’s “The Book of Awakening,” upon my return home. The sky was pink with an emergent sun; children bracing their jackets around them and carrying book bags were ambling up the hillside of my townhome apartment complex, their parents towering over them as leaves continued to fly and sail around them.

Opening the pages of this book randomly, I came across the passage titled, “The Power of Symbols.” Mark Nepo wrote:

If you truly hold a stone,

You can feel the mountain it came from.

And he explains that “Symbols are living mirrors of the deepest understandings that have no words.”  These symbols at their best expand beyond ideas but “call” us into an expansive world of being filled with others, experiences, and memories.

In times of stress like now, we might ask ourselves, what GOOD can come from this. I suggest finding those symbols in your life that encompass a broader way of BEING and summon you to a depth of experience that contains the GOOD. The GOOD is not only all around us—it is also IN us!

As I asked myself what symbol might be the “right” one for me now, the answer came immediately! The dolphin vertebrae! I found this marine mammal artifact on the barrier island Wassaw on the coast of my beloved state of Georgia! Several years ago, when I arrived on the Wassaw beach with an Emory class conducted by Chiboogamoo, the dolphin vertebrae was waiting for me sticking upright in the sand. Before I knew what it was, its shape struck me as an ancient symbol holding important information for me.

This morning, as I yearn for a way to CREATE gratitude, I laugh at how easy it is to find! Our Earth is rich with abundance. We only need to be embodied, present to ourselves and the world.

Hold the bone, envision the dolphin!

I am reminded of my multiple communities that I have the good fortune to be a part of in Decatur, at Emory University, Georgia Tech, Little Five Points, Agnes Scott, Georgia State, and ever expanding circles around me, radiating out to the coast where the dolphins swim in the Atlantic. And the Atlantic connects to Europe, Africa, India and beyond….well you get the picture!

We are all connected! What a joyous thought!

The dolphin wisdom I found from the book, “Animal Speak,” by Ted Andrews offers a way to BE today. He suggests that learning to breathe like the dolphin can be beneficial and help us align ourselves with the present and perhaps other times. And like the dolphin, we can play around with sound and breath to engage ourselves more fully in our lives.

That’s Coffee with Hallelujah! SOUL BLOG with me. What symbol might you hold today that will fill you with GRATITUDE?
HALLELUJAH TRUTH on the GEORGIA COAST. Headed out to Wassaw Island, we suspected we would see dolphins and we did! Such joy in observing these intelligent playful curious beings. (photo by Chiboogamo, aka Tony Martin)

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