Sunday, November 6, 2016

YOU ARE INVITED TO EXPRESS GRATITUDE: Join the Daily Creative Practice November 7 to Thanksgiving

EXPRESSING GRATITUDE, THANKSGIVING 2016. I'm curious. How might gratitude impact your Daily Creative Practice? What if from now until Thanksgiving, each day, you make a creative act via the premise of gratitude. What would that creative act look like?  (Art "Wonder" by Hallelujah Truth, aka Ruth Schowalter)
Hallelujah for CREATIVITY! Hallelujah for practicing that CREATIVITY each day. Hallelujah for communities in which we support each others CREATIVE ACTS!

I'm so thankful for social media, for this blog, "Coffee with Hallelujah" in which I share more in-depth ideas with you and for my Facebook group, "The Daily Creative Practice," in which I post my drawings and photos regularly in community with other creatives. Because of these online forums, I have expanded who I am and how I interact with people practicing their creativity.
What does this word evoke in you?
In 2014, expressing gratitude around the time of Thanksgiving became more formalized in my FB group, "The Daily Creative Practice." Members moved the idea forward of sharing what this gratitude might look like. So, I decided this year to establish GRATITUDE as an event, complete with invitations and a schedule. Here it is:


GRATITUDE is a noun meaning gratefulness, thankfulness, indebtedness, appreciation, etc…

Join me in the Daily Creative Practice of expressing the essence of “gratitude” from Monday, November 7th to Thanksgiving. In this season giving thanks, let’s flex our creative muscles and discover what emerges from us “solo” and as a “group body.”

You are invited to participate in this daily CREATIVE GRATITUDE PRACTICE in any way that your body, heart, mind, and spirit desires to express thankfulness:

Do you have your own photo or that of someone else? Share.

Do you want to draw/paint new images or offer us ones you generated in the past? Yes to either or both!

Do you generate fabric art? Show us.

Are you writing poetry or have poems you treasure from someone else? Please post.

Are you dancing, singing, telling a story, or playing an instrument? Video yourself.

As an educator, what are you thinking? Explain and post.

A chef? We need to see your creations and recipes.

Any mode of expressing gratitude is welcome.

Please post your gratitude offerings in the FB Group, The Daily Creative Practice, and not on this event page. That ensures the greatest number of views in our community.

Stay tuned for the Winter Solstice Creativity Challenge, Wednesday, December 21 to Sunday, 31st.

 –Ruth Schowalter, creator and administrator of The Daily Creative Practice

That's Coffee with Hallelujah! Soul Blog with me here or join me on the Daily Creative Practice on Facebook. I want to know what you are grateful for and how gratitude might inform your daily creative practice.

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