Sunday, October 4, 2009


To SURRENDER is to TRANSFORM. Here in this unfinished image with Wandjina, I am melting away from a known identity and entity to the GREAT UNKNOWN. 

I’m relinquishing an identity of being youthful, accepting aging.

 I’m leaving behind a 24/7 job of teaching ESL, making it part time.

I’m even loosening my emotional ties with my hierarchical and distant past of growing up in a military family, naming it HISTORY.

My SURRENDER can be encapsulated in my morning experience of taking public transportation to Georgia Tech, where I teach:

I surrender to the fact that when I’m standing on the street and see the train approaching, I CANNNOT CATCH THIS PARTICULAR TRAIN.

No matter how fast I run, I cannot move up the numerous stairs fast enough, cross the bridge extending across Dekalb Avenue, swipe my transit card, pass through the gate and trot down the towering stairs in time to depart with the fast approaching “people transporter” that I see right before me. No immediate gratification!

THIS ONE, the ONE I see right before me, NOW is NOT MINE…okay…I SURRENDER.

I have been practicing “SURRENDERING to the MOMENT “again and again for the past year since I started using public transportation.


That’s Coffee with Hallelujah! 


  1. Ruth, I love your work and reading about your journey. Ah Surrender. Today I surrender to who I am at this moment.

  2. Dear wonderful abstract painter capturing nature's essences, Hallelujah is pleased that you chose to surrender to the moment on this Sunday morning! Hallelujah wants other sojourners to join her in the Pilgrimage. Thank you!

  3. Wow! Another feat accomplished by figuring out how to create a blog! I'm having trouble just posting a comment. This is an inspiring, beautiful space, Ruth. I will come back here often.

  4. ....

    star in my night


    hola amiga

    .... thank you for introducing me to hallelujah, I think I've met her cousin lurking round here and there .... i haven't yet caught her name(s) ...

    thank you for ringing me !!! it was fab to talk to you. fuzzy big love to you and tony.

    i am drawn into the blog, thank you. kisses querida sister.