Thursday, October 22, 2009

TO BLESS IS TO SEE: Friending Yourself and Others




Although this communication is taking place across the cyber universe, perhaps it is possible for our “mind waves” to flow into one another we can SEE each other’s minds and hearts.


We may all wonder how we can be truly good friends to ourselves and to one another. TRULY SEEING—taking in, perceiving, holding in view—OURSELVES--is a good beginning.


In this painting, Tears of Clarity, Hallelujah is SEEING herself in the presence of Wandjina. As I explained earlier, this northwestern Australian aboriginal creation God is representing for me, my animus (the male part of my psyche).


On my (Hallelujah’s) PILGRIMAGE, I have uprooted myself from my past and am PEERING into the UNKNOWN. THERE I AM!


Hallelujah SEES herself as Wandjina! This PERCEPTION causes HEALING tears that magically transform into NEW GROWTH! Wandjina’s black eyes hold the mystery for Hallelujah. The butterfly’s presence unites my two selves, and I proclaim


HALLELUJAH welcomes PILGRIM ARTIST Carleton, who wrote to her after viewing her blog on “Seeing and Being Seen.” Carleton is a fellow spiritual artist who just finished a vision quest in Utah. In addition to bravely traveling his own journey, he helps others on their journeys as rector of the Grace Episcopal Church in Yorktown,Virginia. Pilgrim Carleton kindly wrote the following:


“Part of the essence of ‘BLESSING,’ i.e. our capacity to bless one another, is to truly "see" them, to gaze upon and take them in so that they actually FEEL seen.  That's why when the bishop visits our parish and takes the time to really discern, register, and reflect back the goodness of our ministries and life together -- it's a BLESSING (much more than his waving his hand around at the end of the service).”

Bless you Carleton for this insight, for this explanation of "gazing" upon someone and "taking" that soul "in." We all long for this kind of recognition.


Bless all you pilgrims!


That’s Coffee with Hallelujah! Write and tell Hallelujah about how you bless yourself and others by being present, truly present. SEE ME! SEE YOU! BLESS YOU and ME! We ARE SEEN!



  1. Ruthie, you have blown my mind this evening. The power of your words and paintings have made me weep. You are brave. I so envy your courageous, creative life.

  2. Dear Miss Graye, friend from my youthful college years at Pepperdine University in Malibu 30 years ago--HELLO! Hallelujah welcomes you to her soul sharing in cyber space! She would like to remind you that you are the one who taught her playfulness! Together we shared time using our imaginations actively! YOU are BRAVE and BEAUTIFUL and a CIRCUS of SURPRISES! Thank you for visiting! Please come back!

  3. Hey Hallelujah,

    I like the link between the two figures, the winding ivy...