Thursday, December 15, 2011


EASEFUL COURAGE (art by Hallelujah Truth)

#REVERB11 (December 15) PROMPT: FEAR. The easiest way to overcome fear is to confront it. Rather than brainstorming reasons to avoid your “fear,” shift your attention to the reasons for confronting your fear. What fear would you like to overcome in 2012? (prompt from Carolyn Rubenstein, A Beautiful Ripple Effect)

COURAGEOUS CHANGE (CC) is the 2012 payoff for confronting my "fear of completion." I have written about courage before (here,and here). And as work on finishing "works in progress," I want even more than CC--I expect JOY!  In fact, my blog motto is COURAGEOUS and SOULFUL JOY!

I am filled with the CURIOSITY of a CAT about my future TRANSFORMATION once I experience the satisfaction of completing a significant project. What happens when one spiritual art pilgrim (me) walks, runs, hops, and skips through the FIRE SCREEN OF FEAR? 


KICK THE GLUT OF...apprehensions, trepidations, and horrors that have accumulated around the status quo of my life. Finding new ways to "get things done" might occur.

CROSS THE FINISH LINE OF...the number one project in my life right now--the illustrations for the children's story about a small furry Bahamian animal called, The Misadventures of Maria the Hutia.

COUNT MY COUP...bravely assess all my works in progress and imagine how they might be brought into fruition.

JOURNEY INTO...a new project with my Chiboogamoo whether it be a children's book about the Georgia coast, a book about Paleontologist Barbie, or another collaborative artwork.
15 MINUTES OF CREATIVITY EVERY DAY.  By speaking from your heart each day, it is possible to learn the actions you need to take to bring about positive change in your life. Being present to my creativity with such persistence brings me the courage I need to transform the status quo in my life. 

In summation dear PILGRIMS, I anticipate that the act of facing my FEAR surrounding "project completion" will propel me into the next desired stage of my life's JOURNEY. By crossing the finish line, counting coup, and journeying into the unexplored outback with my Chiboogamoo, I will go DEEPER and WIDER in my PILGRIMAGE of BECOMING. To do so with the joyful ease of a cat napping is my heart's desire. 

Wishing all of you fellow SOJOURNERS the fulfillment of your heart's desire in the confrontation of the FEARS that keep you from your BECOMING. That's Coffee With Hallelujah! 

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