Sunday, December 18, 2011


#REVERB11 (December 18) PROMPT: ORDINARY SPARKLING MOMENTS. Reflect on the ordinary moments that bring you joy. What moments would you like to relish in the coming year?

SOLITUDE IN THE WEE HOURS OF MORNING. Creeping out of bed to grind French roasted coffee beans, the release of their fragrance as boiling water seeps through the filter, lighting first a candle then nag champa or patchouli incense and having the soft candlight and fragrance create a haven around me as I draw from my subconscious seeing what surprise occurs before me on my paper, waiting for Chiboogamoo’s waking footsteps as he joins me. Repeat each day.

ACTIVITY ON TWO WHEELS. Mounting my bike, slipping my foot into the first pedal strap and feeling the force of my bike heave forward as I venture into the ride like an exuberant child. In and around my neighborhood, along the Silver Comet Trail or Mount Arabia bike trail, and the Georgia coast at Jekyll Island. Chiboogamoo is at my side!
BICYCLING WITH MY BABY! Jekyll Island, Georgia, November 2011

NEO-ICHNOLOGY. Observing animal behavior in soft earth surfaces and imagining what occurred without my presence. Feeling hardwired to interpret these animal tracks in my courtyard, along the route of my neighborhood jaunts, at Lullwater park on Emory’s campus or Sweetwater Creek, or the Georgia coast. Feeling a part of NATURE whilst in the company of my Chiboogamoo.

CREATIVITY OF OTHERS. Witnessing students and peers become exuberant as they experience a “burst” of discovery through creative acts of movement, laughter, writing, and visual art making. Being expanded by the power of EVERYONE’S imagination!

Communicating successfully
Giving and receiving compliments
Walking, stretching—being in my body
Breathing deeply
Sipping good wine in the presence of good friends
Understanding something for the first time
Listening in a transformative way
Checking out movies and audio books from the local library
Meeting others for “coffee”
Suspending judgment
Being in awe of the GREAT MYSTERY

SOLITUDE IN THE WEE HOURS OF THE MORNING.  I draw every day. My preference is to begin a new drawing every morning. To start a new drawing often means leaving unfinished ones behind--like this image from more than a year ago in September 2010.  I allow myself to continue a painting to completion if that is what my heart is telling me. However, I also believe I will revisit images as the desire arises. During #REVERB11, I am experimenting with unfinished images and photoshop. How exquisitely fun! 

For 2012, I want to observe and collect “ordinary sparkling moments” in a more conscious and thankful way!

DEDICATION. This blog entry celebrates my 7th Anniversary of being married to my loving companion Chiboogamoo, best husband ever! We met 10 years ago via and I will be forever grateful that technology brought me this charming, fun, and intelligent friend and lover! He makes every ordinary moment—yes—extraordinary! Thank you honey!
CHIBOOGAMOO AND HALLELUJAH TRUTH 2011.  Happy 7th Anniversary! This photograph was taken at the Douglas County art exhibit, where we both showed one of our respective artworks.

SPEAKING THE TRUTH CAN BE SUCH AN ORDINARY SPARKLING MOMENT! I encourage you to speak your own TRUTH now and in the coming days! You will experience unspeakable joy!

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