Sunday, February 17, 2013

INVENTIVELY SPEAKING: Using language to propel me forward in a positive manner

BURKA MANDALA.  (art by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah for different manners of speaking about our lives. There are some days dear SPIRITUAL ART PILGRIMS that I feel negative about my perceptions and subsequent portrayals of my life in art. 

In recent days I have aspired to complete art works of mine done during the GRACE of my fifteen minutes of creativity every day when my repeated mantra is 


My ambition? To submit to the Women's Caucus for Arts of Georgia for an exhibition entitled "Moving Toward Abstraction" and showing at the Clarkston campus of Perimeter College.

Why submit? Why show work? I have no desire to sell my personal art. I do hunger for community, one in which I meet like-minded souls (the same reason I blog about creativity). 

BUT  RIGHT NOW every piece of art I create makes me wrinkle my forehead. "IT ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH." I think (This is not inventive thinking). 

I spend many hours hovering over my CREATION, longing to bring about the BIRTHING of a MIRACLE. I don't like my color choices (like the black and red image at the left), so I employ Photoshop to "invert" the image to transform the image into something OTHER and BETTER...something I didn't intend but which "happens" with computer software.

Therefore, I am in need of transformative thinking. How can I think INVENTIVELY (the language of the Artist Network Conference) and be MORE ME?

Let me step up to the task of speaking INVENTIVELY and propelling myself forward positively speaking!

Right now, my work is deepening both in meaning and in color. As I portray students that I have seen at the Language Institute at Georgia Tech in their burkas and hijabs, I fall into the mystery of BEING.

BURKA ME. Is the authentic self revealed through spontaneous color choices? Is it arbitrated through effort? Can a Photoshop program invert colors in a way that reflects more authenticity? Is meaning made in a random act or through intense effort?
I am the interpreter of world energy. I am the teller of stories. I tell stories of women who bridge cultures, share knowledge, and experience being themselves authentically in a new culture--even if that being is fraught with feeling strange, awkward, and transformative.

Speaking inventively, I am an artist who reads energy fields and takes dictation in form and color. I speak ME and I speak Other. And that IS.

IS enough. Do my negative feelings about what I create matter in comparison? I think not. Pilgrims, I create to BE and IS, is enough.

That's coffee with Hallelujah! Tell me what you think about speaking inventively! Do you think it is a valid way to move forward positively?


  1. I've found it's both. Art happens for me spontaneously and also happens with effort. Lately, I've been moving slowly through the painting process, revising and reworking. It's also revealing to me that when I let a painting sit for a while, live with it in plain sight (hours, days, months)and return to it when my intent is not so top of mind, I will have fresh ideas, or decide I like it or not.

  2. "Sometimes I see it and then I paint it. Other times I paint it and then I see it." - Jasper John