Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WELCOME SPRING EQUINOX: Let's Awaken to Ourselves!

MOTHER AWAKENS! She stirs, sending forth shoots and leaves! (Art by Hallelujah Truth)
Hallelujah Piligrims! Let's celebrate the end of winter and the BEGINNING OF SPRING! I believe we should all engage in miraculous TRANSFORMATIONs at every opportunity we get! 

Below are inspirational words from Marian Spadone that I found in my calendar, We'Moon 2013, Gaia Rhythms for Womyn. Enjoy!

Mother awakens!

She stirs, sending forth shoots and leaves, 
whispering sweet desires, 
coaxing forth all who seek release
from  the bonds of Winter's Night.  

At Solistice we sheltered, 
tiny in the still fathomless darkness.
Now like the bird in the eggshell,
we've swelled to fill the space.
Our world grows tight, cramped.
We feel anxious, our resources nearly gone.
Time to peck our way out 
and claim the promise of Spring. 

First, notice and name WHAT BINDS YOU.
Name the prisons
of fearsome circumstance, disillusionment, environmental crisis.
Notice what feels stifled, blocked, hopeless.

Then circle together to TURN IT AROUND! 
Stir and flex your power. Stretch and moan, 
rock and sing,  and break free at the peak. 
Emerge from the broken shell of winter.
Feel lightened, lifted, determined
to leave the old world in shards behind you. 

Sparkling and sovereign,
stride into the GATEWAY,
between the pillars,
one light and one dark.
Unbound, blessed and surging, 
retrieve the trust that comes with balance.
Thrive in the burgeoning light.
THRIVE IN THE BURGEONING LIGHT! Break out of the boundaries that bound you! (Art by Hallelujah Truth)
Pilgrims that is Coffee with Hallelujah! What action will you take today to celebrate SPRING? Soul blog with me and tell me your answers! 

Acknowledgments: Thank you Sandy for giving me my first own copy of the We'Moon 2013, Gaia Rhythms for Womyn! Thank you Elizabeth Schowalter for your reminder that we need to give ourselves time to "winter" our beings and then "spring" from them when we are ready to awaken to a new way of being. Thank you Marian Spandone for your beautiful poem and all the work you do around honoring "death."


  1. Happy Equinox. It's cool and cloudy today, predicted to go down to 28 tonight in Decatur, GA, but the hope is everywhere in new blooms.

  2. Thank you so much Cecelia! You are so kind to visit me here on my blog and to wish me happy spring equinox! Hoping for spring like weather soon!

    Meanwhile we will celebrate the spring in our SOULS!